Nymea doesn't see 5gzh connections

I am running a new Raspberry Pi 4 and I want to use it with Wifi and Nymea. If I use the Nymea image (latest) then my Pi only see’s 2.4ghz wifi connections and won’t connect. It doesn’t see my 5ghz wifi connection.

If I install raspbian, then it see’s and logs into 5ghz wifi just fine using raspi-config

Is there a way that I can run raspi-config on the nymea image? So far I can’t exit out of the nymea gui to get to command line, or I could set the thing up using command line.

You can log in via SSH and use raspi-config from there.

Well, I plugged into ethernet and used raspi-config to log into my 5ghz network and then do updates with it. so I know it worked. But after restarting and going into nymea without ethernet connected I have no internet connection and nymea says I’m disconnected. It’s like nymea disconnects me from my 5ghz connection.

Odd… I wonder if this might be a country code setting issue. Would you mind checking if iw reg get lists the channel your 5GHz wifi is on. And perhaps try if changing the wifi channel to something in there would help?

As a temporary workaround I suppose you could remove your connection config from /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/. Then networkmanager should do nothing and your raspi-config setting should persist.

Country code might be it, let me dig a bit deeper. The iw reg get shows:

nymea@nymea:~ $ iw reg get
country 00: DFS-UNSET
(2402 - 2472 @ 40), (N/A, 20), (N/A)
(2457 - 2482 @ 20), (N/A, 20), (N/A), AUTO-BW, PASSIVE-SCAN
(2474 - 2494 @ 20), (N/A, 20), (N/A), NO-OFDM, PASSIVE-SCAN
(5170 - 5250 @ 80), (N/A, 20), (N/A), AUTO-BW, PASSIVE-SCAN
(5250 - 5330 @ 80), (N/A, 20), (0 ms), DFS, AUTO-BW, PASSIVE-SCAN
(5490 - 5730 @ 160), (N/A, 20), (0 ms), DFS, PASSIVE-SCAN
(5735 - 5835 @ 80), (N/A, 20), (N/A), PASSIVE-SCAN
(57240 - 63720 @ 2160), (N/A, 0), (N/A)

nymea@nymea:~ $

Ok, you are correct that it is the country code. I set the country code inside of raspi-config to US and, if I don’t reboot, then Nymea finds my WIFI just fine. When I reboot the country code is back at unset after Nymea finishes starting.

WOO HOO! It’s working now. So I manually went into etc/default/crda and updated that to have REGDOMAIN=US instead of REGDOMAIN=

After I did that, it has the correct wifi country and connects to wifi without issue! Thank you for your help!

You know, I bet what was happening was because it was finding REGDOMAIN= that it was overriding what was set in raspi-config. If it had commented out REGDOMAIN= then I bet it wouldn’t have overridden the raspi-config.

Thanks for investigating.
We’ll need to figure out a way how to set this from nymea…