Nymea docker container

Is it possible to have a docker container for nymea:core? I would like to run it on synology nas. Thank you!


Yeah there is a docker template in GitHub - nymea/nymea-docker: Docker files for running nymea in a docker container

I haven’t used it myself yet but it’s reported to work.

Also, I’ve been working on a Synology package and managed to get it working on a newer x86_64 based Synology nas already. I’ve summed up the build instructions here and hope to be able to get it into the synocommunity repository eventually but there doesn’t seem to be much movement yet: [Package Request] nymea · Issue #4588 · SynoCommunity/spksrc · GitHub

I’m currently afk but can upload the package somewhere later this week if you have an x86_64 version

Let me know if you make any progress with this in one way or another.

Thank you for the quick answer Michael - actually, I was mentioning having an image in hub.docker.com. From what I see this a more popular of deploying software in Synology as recent models have this capability. This would also put you in control of the image and respective dependencies.

Image: Searching the docker registry from sinology

If I may suggest, in terms of the platform adoption this container image would enable the platform to run anywhere (from NAS to cloud(s)) lowering the adoption barrier and be more discoverable.

re the synology pakage I have a x86_64 (DS918+) I can test in, I will pm you with a link.