Nymea-core has crashed also Ubuntu server

I’m testing Nymea since mid-April on a Raspberry with Ubuntu server 20.04 and 11 of connected objects with the Zigbee protocol.
Overall, everything works fine, but Nymea-core has crashed twice since.

  • The first time was a week before the switch to version 0.27. Because of a problem, which I think has been fixed.
  • The second time, three days ago, in the morning, but I’m not sure why.
    What is more annoying is that Nymea-core crashed also Ubuntu server, both times, not possible to connect via SSH! I had to be there to disconnect and reconnect the power.
    Normally, an application is not supposed to crash the operating system…

Hi @mfoucrier,

If you’re not able to SSH into the machine any more then this sounds more of an operating system/hardware problem. I don’t think nymea can crash the whole OS. Well, I guess in theory it could be that a memory leak fills up the whole memory and make the OS very slow, but then the kernel would kill nymea (and restart it).

I have seen this sort of complete freezes on Raspberry Pi devices when the power supply is too weak. Normally nymea wouldn’t consume a lot of resources when idling away, but there might be peak times (when repositories are refreshed, the DB housekeeping jobs run etc) where it would draw some more power. Raspberry Pis tend to freeze if they’re not getting enough juice.

In order to get closer in debugging this, perhaps check the system logs after it happened. It might give some indication what the reason for those freezes are.

Yes, I don’t know what happened, I didn’t find anything conclusive in the LOGs.
But I never crashed the system while updating it.
For test, I connected with SSH and run Top, then a second to run update and then upgrade, Nymea:App is connected too. I took a screenshot…

Yes, I changed the power supply of the Raspberry Pi and since a little more than a week everything works very well. Thanks @mzanetti