Nymea App Port Forwarding , Cloud login

Hi ,

When the mobile phone Android or Apple is connected to WiFi , the Nymea app searching for nymea core in the local network and then connect with local IP for example

If not found Nymea core in the WiFi local network , then the app keep searching for 20sec and then connect to cloud or to external Static IP.

If the mobile phone use data from SIM Card , without WiFi , then the app needs less than 1-2 seconds to connect with nymea core and this is amazing !

The first option with the WiFi does not work correctly ,sometimes never connect and need restart the app or need to switch off the WiFi of the mobile phone.

I want to use the the external public IP with port forwarding of 2222 port only , without cloud , without local IP 192.168… and without searching in the local network when the device is connected to WiFi
Is this possible ?
With the desktop nymea app on the laptop , Ubuntu or Windows , this is possible and works great .
The app always keep searching when the devices use WiFi connection and that makes problems.

Thank you

Right now, the app will always try to connect to all possible options (local LAN and remote) simultaneously. The first succeeding connection wins. This is the same for all platforms (phone apps, desktop app - it’s literally the identical app on all of them).

Now, the issue that you’re describing is something I have seen in rare occations but haven’t been able to reproduce reliably enough to actually track it down. From my current understanding it seems to be something that the app sends out the connection request but as the phone just woke up from deep sleep, the packet gets lost on the network layer without a reply. So the app is waiting on the connection attempts (all of them, LAN and cloud) to return. Will need to try harder to reproduce it and get this fixed. But for me it only happens if I leave the phone in deep sleep for several minutes (> 10 minutes) and wake it up then with nymea:app already running… which makes this a pain to debug.

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