Nymea:app performance issue on iPhone 15 Pro

Using iPhone 15 Pro now and App seems to have some issues there. Apps gets stuck every few seconds - something seems to block the process - and continues to work after a few seconds.
In the Logs I can see transport error on nymeas and some qml errors depend to the dashboard. Somebody sees the real issue in these App logs?

By the way: disabling the remote connection does not change the behaviour even that seems suspicious in the logs.

Hmm. I can’t see that behaviour here. I suspect it’s not related to the iOS build, but rather some particular configuration that would cause this. Can you try to pin point it? Perhaps disabling some main views temporarily (e.g. dashboard) and see if it disappears etc.

I’m not finished debugging, but indeed disabling the Dashboard screen (or could also be the AC screen) helped. But I will continue to dig into the issue by building the App with new XCode version when I have time.

If disabling the dashboard helps, perhaps remove some widgets, trying to find the one that causes it.

For some wierd reason it all works flawlessly again. The only thing that changed is that I updated to current landing (1.8.4). I will keep an eye on it.