Nymea:app google play service

Hi there!
i have a Huawei P40 lite and i cannot run the nymea:app because it is missing the Google Play Services.
Can you please make it optional or remove the need for it at all?


Hi @dossidos, welcome to nymea.

Hmm… The google play services are used for push notifications. I have searched a bit but couldn’t find a way to make them optional except publishing a second version of the app somehow with a reduced feature set.

What I did find though, is a lot of howtos on installing the play services on the Huawei P40 lite. Wouldn’t that be an option?

I am through with installing the GPS as it doesn’t work for many things.

Some other apps are using web worker to listen for push notifications. Like the signal messenger or Telegram. They all implement a second way to push.

You could take a look at Signal.

Hi again,

Optional checking: Another approach is to use the isGooglePlayServicesAvailable() method. You get a reference to the singleton object that provides this method using GoogleApiAvailability.getInstance() .

I don’t know if this helps.

I’m reading stuff currently. Have seen this line of code in the Telegram codebase. Telegram seems to fall back to GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) when GPS isn’t available. However, GCM is deprecated and will probably be shut down sooner or later so that doesn’t look like a viable option to me.

Anyhow, I suppose getting push notifications up and running for setups without GPS is already a second step. Step one would be to make the app work at all.

Currently I don’t have a device without GPS available so I’m still a bit guessing. Does the app not install at all or does it not start (i.e. crash at startup or something)?

A popup appears above the startup screen saying: ‘The App needs Google Play Services but they are not installed’ with an OK Button. But the Popup won’t go away.

The Problem is that the Code that is using it is not checking for availability of it.

On Google Maps - the popup appears but the app works after pressing OK button. Sometimes the popup doesn’t appear at all.

I would help you find it but i don’t know where to look in the source code.

and on the side: a direct download of the apk would be nice since i don’t have GooglePlayStore either.

Ah, I see. In that case it doesn’t seem to be too hard to create a build that should work. I’ll probably have to flash a ROM without GPS to one of my older devices so I can test it…

Yeah… I suppose this makes a valid reason for publishing the APK in another place than Google Play Store. I’m thinking to try and get it included into F-Droid maybe. Also I can enable publishing the packages on downloads.nymea.io.

Another question: Does Pushbullet work on devices without GPS?

Pushbullet will probably work as it is a replacement for push notifications but i don’t know.
EDIT: all i can find is that pushbullet also uses GCM.

Looking forward to test it out.

Here we go:

Please let me know how it goes.

Just installed and works fine.
EDIT: and it stil does - no issues for now.

Cool, thanks.

Meanwhile I have tried submitting the app to F-Droid. Let’s see how that goes…