Nymea 1.7 release notes

Release time!

nymea 1.7 brings a new experience plugin: The air conditioning experience. The intention for this plugin is to automate the heating, cooling and air quality monitoring. It allows configuring time schedules for controlling heating/cooling thermostats, monitors relative humidity and air quality and warns when those leave an acceptable range by sending out push notifications to the user. It also monitors the windows for being opened and stops the heating during that period to not waste energy out of the window. While this plugin isn’t 100% feature complete yet (we have sooo many more ideas how to improve it even more) it has been in use by a couple of testers for this winter already and seems to do a decent job in keeping a warm and healthy home.

This release of nymea:app also drops support for the connection tabs at the bottom which we know some of you have been using, but they really didn’t fit in with the overall design. Instead, multiple connections can now be reordered in the main menu as a replacement.

nymea:core did get quite a bit of refactoring which will ease the implementation for upcoming new features already in the works. The logging mechanism has been changed to only print warnings by default and developers have better ways to quickly set the desired logging level during development.
The plugin API got some new features which will make setting up of things easier to do.

In terms of new device/service support, this release brings support for the Shelly Plus 2PM, the Shelly Plus Plug models.
New Zigbee devices were added: Osram lightify remote controls, a variety of Tuya Zigbee and Lumi devices.


Nymea also was added to notify.events as a notification source while we’ve added support to send push notifications to notify.events.

The following new devices using the modbus protocol were added: Senseair S8 air quality sensor and the Heidelberg/Amperfied Wallboxes

Enjoy the release.

Full changelog:

  • nymea-app (1.7.0)

    • Add air conditioning experience support
    • Drop connection tabs support
    • Clean up runtime warnings
    • Fixes in energy charts when there are no producers but still returned energy
    • Add a hint on how to install more plugins
    • Improve reconnect behavior on iOS
    • Allow ordering the hosts list on the main menu
    • Rework overlay mechanism
  • nymea-zigbee (1.7.0)

    • Fix a typo in ClusterIdOnOffConfiguration
    • TI: fix reconnecting the controller at runtime
    • Rework the reachable refreshing and manual LQI/RTG fetching
    • Align command signal names in clusters
    • PowerConfiguration cluster: Add battery voltage
  • libnymea-networkmanager (1.7.0)

    • Fix ipv6.method setting for wired connection options
  • nymea (1.7.0)

    • Bind a client connection to the token given in the hello call.
    • Improve debug logging filter arguments
    • Add information for initialSetup and reconfigure to ThingSetupInfo
    • Enable logging for thermostat states
    • Properly clean up the TCP server on shutdown
    • Enqueue priority jobs instead of prepending
    • Require min/max values for co2sensors
    • network device monitor: Clean up pending ping replies properly
    • Require min/max values for pressuresensors
    • Use dynamic min/max values for io connections
    • Refactor NymeaCore class
    • Update copyright to 2023
    • Manually check for Bluetooth before instantiating QtBluetooth
    • NetworkDeviceMonitor: Fix initial reachable state using internal
    • Create indices on entries table of log db
    • Stabilize logging tests
    • Fix method to convert phases from string
    • Allow users with ControlThings permission to read things logs
    • Drop cloud settings which aren’t used any more
    • Update MAC address database
  • nymea-plugins (1.7.0)

    • Netatmo: Add min/max values for co2 sensors
    • Add support for Shelly Plus 2PM
    • EVBox: Rework plugin to allow addressing multiple boxes on same bus
    • Fronius: Set energy live states to 0 if not connected
    • go-eCharger: Set energy live states to 0 if not connected
    • Keba: Set energy live states to 0 if not connected
    • mystrom: Set current power to 0 if not connected
    • powerfox: Set current power to 0 if not connected
    • solarlog: Set energy states to 0 if not connected
    • AQI: Add min/max values to pressure state
    • Netatmo: Add min/max values to pressure state
    • SensorTag: Add min/max to pressure state
    • New plugin: Notify.Events
    • Kodi: Rework setup
    • Update python plugin dependencies to include dependabot alerts
    • Shelly: Workaround bad counter values
    • PushNotifications: Add more options for sending push notifications
    • Shelly plus plug s
  • nymea-plugins-zigbee (1.7.0)

    • Refresh battery level when a device reconnects
    • New plugin: Osram lightify
    • Tuya: Add the Temperature & Humidity LCD display sensor
    • Tuya: Add air housekeeper
    • Develco: Fix picking up a wrong device accidentally
    • Tuya: Add photoelectric smoke sensor
    • Lumi: Add min/max to weather sensor pressure state
    • Lumi: Add lumi.motion.ac02
  • nymea-plugins-simulation (1.7.0)

    • Update thing class names to include “Simulated” in their names
    • Sensors: Add min/max values to co2 sensor
    • Weather station simulation: Add min/max to pressure state
    • Window sensor simulation: Trigger state less often
  • nymea-plugins-genericthings (1.7.0)

    • Sensors: Add min/max values to co2sensor
    • Improve generic sensors and thermostat
    • Thermostat: Add a setting to explicitly enable the automatic mode
  • nymea-plugins-modbus (1.7.0)

    • New plugin: Senseair S8
    • Drexel&Weiss: Add min/max values to co2sensor
    • ModbusRtu connection: Check reachablility in constructor
    • New plugin: Amperfied/Heidelberg
    • Drexel und Weiss: Add smartmeterconsumer interface
    • huawei: Set energy states to 0 if not connected and filter invalid
    • SMA: set energy values to 0 on disconnected
    • Schrack: Add firmware version state
    • Schrack: Rework discovery
  • nymea-experience-plugin-energy (1.7.0)

    • Fill in holes in the logs when the clock is changed forward
  • nymea-experience-plugin-airconditioning (1.7.0)

    • New experience plugin: air conditioning