Nymea 1.6 release notes

Here we are, with our last release for this year, 1.6.0.

Improved energy dashboard

As we continue our journey with energy related projects, we’ve done another round of improvements in the energy view. That is, we’ve merged the consumption and production charts into one. This reduces the amount of charts while still showing most of the information it did before. Also, clicking the title of a chart will open the respective chart full screen which allows interacting with it more easily.

Related to the energy world, nymea now also supports the EVBox wallbox as well as finland’s spotmarket prices provided by spot-hinta.fi.

Platform permissions

The next bigger chunk of work was to upgrade the Android app to the latest Android SDK. This required us to rework the permission request code. That means, nymea:app will no longer just request all permissions it may require at some point directly at the first startup, but instead it will now only request a permission by the time it is actually required. While this change was triggered by the Android SDK, the improvements went to all platforms requiring any runtime permissions.


A cool contribution we’ve received is support for the ESPuino. If you haven’t heard about that, it’s an ESP based project to build an audio media player for children.

UI additions
The ESPuino being another device with support for locking hardware buttons, like radiator thermostat valves often do, but also the IKEA Starkvind air purifier, led us to implement proper support for this throughout the system. nymea:app will now show a small lock icon in the status bar for those devices, easily allowing enabling/disabling that child lock.

In a similar fashion, after adding support a few vibration sensors, like the Tuya and the Xiaomi ZigBee ones, nymea:app received a dedicated UI for vibration sensors.

RISC-V support
nymea has been accepted to receive a RISC-V development board from the RISC-V community which allowed us to enable building nymea for RISC-V, 1.6 is the first release supporting that platform. This currently has been tested on the StarFive VisionFive board, but it should work on any RISC-V compatible hardware that can run Linux.

So far only Ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10 is supported as debian hasn’t released a stable version with RISC-V support yet. Expecting a stable Debian release for RISC-V in 2023, we’ll update the repositories to include builds for that. The installation instructions are the same as the manual installation for Ubuntu.

nymea:cloud removal

We’ve finally removed support for the old and long deprecated nymea:cloud. If you still have been using this to remotely connect to your nymea setup, it will cease to work after this upgrade. However, if you haven’t done so yet, simply enable the “Allow connecting to this system remotely” switch in the connection settings to switch to the newer tunnel proxy.

That’s it for the most visible changes, but as always, there have been many more fixes and smaller changes which are listed in the detailed changelog below.

Enjoy the release and the upcoming holidays!

  • nymea-app (1.6.0)

    • Merge power production and power consumption charts into one
    • Remove deprecated old nymea:cloud support
    • Improve managing of manual connections
    • Add proper support for vibration sensors
    • Add support for the child lock interface
    • Improve permission request handling
    • Add total energy coutners to smart meter device pages
    • Update to android API level 33
    • Fix a crash with snap packages and wayland display servers
    • Fix a warning error message thrown by the Windows installer
    • Fix energy charts when DST changes
    • Fix a race condition in initializing the android device controls service
    • Fix dial not using dynamic min/max values
    • Fix glitches in energy charts if the time zone is changed on the core
  • nymea-zigbee (1.6.0)

    • Expose raw dataIndications and allow sending raw commands on
    • Fix an occational crash in the deconz backend
    • Electrical measurement: Fix data parsing
  • nymea-mqtt (1.6.0)

    • Fix a warning and improve debug print when a client times out
  • libnymea-networkmanager (1.6.0)

    • bluetooth: use qt5 connect syntax
  • nymea (1.6.0)

    • Fix startup race condition with D-Bus
    • Add a childlock interface
    • Fix suggestLogging property not working for eventTypes
    • Allow registering list types without their objects on JSONRPC
    • Fix permissions for rules, tags and appdata api
    • Make init call for python plugins blocking
    • NetworkDeviceDiscovery: wait for all MAC addresses being resolved
    • Allow registering lists of ThingId on JSONRPC
    • Fix a crash when the same plugin file is loaded twice
    • NetworkDeviceDiscovery: Optimize discovery with multiple network
    • Drop old nymea:cloud support
    • Add vibrationsensor interface
    • Update mac address vendor database
  • nymea-plugins (1.6.0)

    • AQI: Reorder interfaces based on their relevancy
    • Wemo: Change link in Readme
    • TP-Link: Added urls to read me
    • New plugin: ESPuino
    • Shelly: Add note regarding time sync needed to display total power
    • Move SMA plugin to nymea-plugins-modbus repository
    • New plugin: EVBox
    • MQTT client: Fix a crash when failing to connect to the internal
    • MCP3008: Upate RPi.GPIO dependency
    • Netatmo: Update login mechanism and add missing modules
    • Bump certifi from 2017.4.17 to 2022.12.7 in /fastcom
    • Bump certifi from 2020.12.5 to 2022.12.7 in /neatobotvac
    • Bump certifi from 2020.12.5 to 2022.12.7 in /yamahaavr
    • Bump certifi from 2021.10.8 to 2022.12.7 in /daikinairco
    • Bump certifi from 2021.10.8 to 2022.12.7 in /bimmerconnected
    • New Plugin: spothinta
  • nymea-plugins-zigbee (1.6.0)

    • Eurotronic, Tradfri: Add childlock interface
    • Tuya: Add microwave presence sensor
    • Lumi: update vibration sensor events, add axis angles and absolute
    • Eurotronic: Queue actions
    • Hue: Update README.md
    • Tradfri: Updated some links
    • Hue: Wall switch module: Bind to coordinator address instead of
    • Develco: Fix setup for smoke sensors with older firmware
    • Tuya: Add vibration sensor
    • Tuya: Add luminance motion sensor
    • Generic: Add support for spec compliant ZigBee remotes (OnOff and
    • Eurotronic: Remove OTA feature for the Spirit
    • PhilipsHue: Fix performUpdate action for non light devices
    • Don’t bind OnOff cluster to group 0 by default
  • nymea-plugins-zwave (1.6.0)

    • Fix spelling error in deadbolt
    • Added product URLs
    • Update meta.json
    • Update meta.json
  • nymea-plugins-simulation (1.6.0)

    • Sensors: Add a vibration sensor
  • nymea-plugins-genericthings (1.6.0)

    • Thermostat: Allow a wider range for min/may values
  • nymea-plugins-modbus (1.6.0)

    • Kostal: Fix state name for total returned energy
    • SMA: Import plugin from nymea-plugins and add modbus inverters
    • SunSpec: Fix storage state and improve overall generic connection
    • Mennekes: Don’t filter for MAC address manufacturer during discovery
    • iDM: Update to modbus tools and latest interfaces
    • SMA: Update speedwire discovery
    • Mennekes: Fix CP signal state E handling
    • Phoenix: Handle emeter register underflow on wallbox and make
  • nymea-experience-plugin-energy (1.6.0)

    • Fix occationally lost samples after startup