Nymea 1.4 release notes

Hey ho! 1.4 is here!

The big news for this release is the addition of Z-Wave support. While people have been using Z-Wave with nymea already using zwave[js]2mqtt and the mqtt client plugin before, this release introduces native Z-Wave support. No need for 3rd party software any more. Just plug the Z-Wave stick and nymea will be able to handle it just like it does with ZigBee. Of course, device support is still young but it’s easy now to add support for all the devices out there as all the groundwork is in place. Let us know if you have any Z-Wave devices which aren’t working yet by posting the nymea log that’s printed when adding a device to the network.

While nymea:core did get a whole list of other changes, they’re mostly improving the developer APIs, fixing bugs and improving the performance. Make sure to not miss out on the detailed changelog if you’re a developer. For end users we’ll move on to the new stuff in the plugins:

We’ve added support for the Shelly TRV and Kostal Solar inverters along with a bunch of Z-Wave devices, like the Fibaro “eyeball” sensor, various roller shutters/blinds, smart plugs Deadbold smart locks. Besides new additions, a lot of fixes and new features were added to the existing plugins. An intersting one is the possibility to add custom data to the push notification plugin. This will allow adding commands to push notifications which are then executed by nymea:app upon activation of such a push notification.

The custom data for push notifications obviously also required support for this in nymea:app. For example it’s now possible to add the thing id to a push notifications data and when the user clicks on the notification, nymea:app will open and directly jump to that thing. It’s also possible to directly jup to particular views, say, the energy view, or even executing actions directly by tapping the push notification.

The format of such custom data is like “open=energy” to open the things view, or “open=<thingId>” to open a thing, or “execute=power&thingId=<thingId>&params={power=true}” to turn on a particular thing when tapping the notification.

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • nymea-app (1.4.0)

    • Add Z-Wave support
    • Fix a potential crash when destroying ProxyModels
    • Fix android navigation panel color
    • Fix the tunnel proxy configuration sometimes getting lost on sync
    • Add support for deep linking through push notification data
    • Fix unit in consumers pie chart (kWh → kW)
    • Fix irrigation auto-off rule
    • Fix background of consumption balance pie chart if all values are 0
    • Fix hiding the EnergyView configuration button if there’s nothing to configure
    • Fix nymea:// uri handling on ubuntu touch
    • Only load plugin configs on demand
    • Some fixes in the Energy View if there is only a producer
  • nymea (1.4.0)

    • Make ThingClassId optional in AddThing() when there’s already a
    • Add debian package for libnymea-core
    • Provide experience manager access in core instance
    • Fix NetworkDiscovery::hostAddressDiscovered not always being emitted
    • NetworkDiscovery: Lookup the mac address vendor also if the cache
    • Adjust timeout duration for actions, thing discovery and JSON-RPC
    • Add connected property to MqttChannel
    • Update nymea-tests and provide nymea-testlib as development package
    • Update nymead server installation path prefix mechanism
    • Allow apps to cache the GetPlugins call on JsonRpc
    • Add support for Z-Wave
    • Fix logging level indicator character for debug prints
    • Fix build failure in rpath setting with certain toolchains
    • Check Info objects for finished after aborting them
    • Fix a python plugin crash when trying to login with empty
    • Remove displayNameEvent property from stateTypes
    • Add lock/unlock actions to smartlock interface
    • Add optional boost state to thermostats
    • Update mac address database
    • Readme downloads update
    • Update readme.md to show nymea:app for ubuntu touch
    • Add electricity helper class to libnymea
  • nymea-plugins (1.4.0)

    • Tasmota: Allow configuring the TelePeriod
    • somfytahoma: Fix actions for roller shutters
    • PushNotifications: Allow adding custom data to push notifications
    • Bosswerk: Improve discovery for setup
    • SMA: Improve Sunny WebBox discovery
    • go-eCharger: Improve discovery and add API V2 support (Hardware V3)
    • Shelly: Add support for the Shelly TRV
    • Nuki: Update to new interface definition
    • Fronius: Fix a crash if the discovery times out
    • DHT: Update RPi.GPIO python dependency
    • Keba: Finish action info after updating the according state
    • sgready: Fix set state value on mode changed
    • myStrom: Improve discovery mechanism
  • nymea-plugins-zigbee (1.4.0)

    • Tuya: Remove unused paramtype for endpointId
  • nymea-plugins-zwave (1.4.0)

    • New Z-Wave Plugins: Generic, Fibaro, Qubino and
  • nymea-plugins-simulation (1.4.0)

    • Energy: Fix phase count for simulated wallbox
  • nymea-plugins-genericthings (1.4.0)

    • Sensors: Add a generic fire sensor
  • nymea-plugins-modbus (1.4.0)

    • New plugin: KOSTAL Solar Electric
    • nymea-modbus-cli: Add nymea modbus tool for testing purposes
    • modbus-tool: Improve initialize and update mechanism of generated
    • Schrack: Support wallboxes without RFID reader
    • Huawei: Adding modbus RTU functionality and update FusionSolar
    • PhoenixConnect: Update maximum values
  • nymea-zigbee (1.4.0)

    • Implement Electricalmeasurement server command handling
    • NXP backend: Fix release file parsing and allow multiple release
  • nymea-zwave-plugin-openzwave (1.4.0)

    • Initial implementation of the OpenZWave backend plugin
  • nymea-experience-plugin-energy (1.4.0)

    • Improve a debug print when internal counters are re-synced
    • Fix permissions in json handler

We’ve released a small bugfix update 1.4.1 with the changelog:

  • nymea-zigbee (1.4.1)

    • Fix node type parsing
    • Fix permit joining in deconz backend
  • nymea (1.4.1)

    • Fix creating rules without giving action params that have a default
    • Fix warning messages in debug report page
  • nymea-plugins (1.4.1)

    • Tempo: Properly handle expired tokens
    • Fronius: Improve and translate error message for the user
    • MyStrom: Fix discovery for Swiss plugs
    • Shelly: Fix color state for rgbw2
    • Fronius: Fix generating childs with multiple fronius connections
  • nymea-plugins-modbus (1.4.1)

    • Kostal: Add total energy returned to grid property
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