Nymea 1.1 release notes

1.1 is here! Let’s have a look at this release:

nymea:core received improvements for the plugin APIs. The nicest one - I’d say - is the addition of a NetworkDeviceMonitor. Plugin developers can now scan the network on the lowest levels in a single line of code, allowing to discover even the most silent devices in a network. In addition to that, there is a DeviceMonitor API which allows monitoring a network device to be updated whenever the device comes on or off or changes its IP address. This makes finding and interacting with network devices very easy.
The other changes add some fixes and features for interacting with ModBus RTU devices as well as new features on the python API.

nymea:app most notably received a new color palette, aligning the use of colors throughout the app to be more consistent. In addition to that, there were improvements in the energy view and a new style, named mellow and inspired by our friends over at maveo was added.

nymea:plugins received quite some new additions: The new Meross plugin, for now only supporting Meross smart plugs with energy metering, lays the foundation for interacting with a lot of Meross devices. The Daikin Airco adds an air condition system. There is a new plugin for Tuya ZigBee devices (also that one so far only supporting the smart plugs) and ZigBee spec compliant smart plugs with energy metering also support the energy metering. The Hue dimmer switch v2 is also added to the philipshue ZigBee plugin. With the Schrack i-CHARGE CION, nymea supports one more ev charging station.

With this release we will be stopping to publish nymea:core as a snap package. So unless someone from the community is willing to pick up the maintenance of the snap package, everyone using that is advised to switch over to either the official Raspberry Pi image or the apt repository.

Enjoy the release!

Full changelog:

  • nymea (1.1.0)

    • Add support for datetime objects to pluginStorage in python plugins
    • Add support for listing and removing entries to PyPluginStorage
    • Store the serveruuid as string
    • Network device monitor
    • Remove smartmeterconsumer from evcharger
    • Add a timeout to ModbusRtuReplies
    • Fix modbus RTU warning prints
    • Allow modbus RTU plugins to request a connection reset
    • Add rpath to nymead binary
    • Fix webserver tests
    • Increase timeout for tests
    • Fixes in permit joining timer handling
  • nymea-app (1.1.0)

    • Update the color palette
    • Improve sensor views
    • Improve zigbee settings when a node has multiple things
    • Show consumption history also if there’s only a root meter
    • Update click package for latest frameworks/clickable
    • Add mellow style
    • Fix zigbee settings loading spinner
    • Fix server time display when client and server timezone don’t line up
    • Add icon for car interface
    • Add autocompletion for minimumValue and maximumValue in script editor
    • Improvements in the energy view
    • Confirm the login form on enter
    • Improve energy charts when there is a hidden producer
    • Fix fingerprint reader setup page
  • nymea-plugins (1.1.0)

    • New plugin: USB-RLY82 relay with 2 relays and 8 analog/digital
    • New plugin - Daikin Airco
    • MecElectronics: Return proper error code on wrong authentication
    • DateTime: Fix time parsing and HTTP redirects
    • Update project packaging
    • GoE: Add smartmeterconsumer interface due to interface update
    • New plugin: Meross
    • OneWire: Make owfs more robust against occational read errors
    • Update dependencies
  • nymea-plugins-zigbee (1.1.0)

    • Hue: Add support for the dimmer switch v2
    • Generic: Add support for energy metering on smart plugs
    • New Plugin: Tuya
    • GenerlicLights: Add DimmableColorLight cluster
    • ZigbeeGeneric: Add OnOffOutput profile to generic power switch
  • nymea-plugins-simulation (1.1.0)

    • Drop unneeded build dependency to python
    • Don’t depend on deprecated translations package
    • Add a simulated fridge
    • Add missing smartmeterconsumer interface to simulated evcharger
  • nymea-plugins-modbus (1.1.0)

    • New Plugin: Schrack i-CHARGE CION
    • Update plugin selection qmake arguments
    • Add smartmeterconsumer interface due to evcharger interface update
  • nymea-zigbee (1.1.0)

    • Add electrical measurement and metering clusters
    • Fix a crash when ZDO responses come in after the ZDO request timed
    • Fix permit joining duration/remaining signals
    • Timeout ZCL replies
  • nymea-mqtt (1.1.0)

    • Add a unit test for the connected signal
    • Fix tests
    • Fix topci → topic typo
    • Enable generating a test-results.xml from dpkg builds
  • nymea-remoteproxy (1.1.0)

    • Fix authentication reply crash if client already disconnected
    • Fix format string function with variable input
  • nymea-gpio (1.1.0)

    • Default GpioButton to active high
    • Fix license file name.
  • nymea-networkmanager (1.1.0)

    • Don’t print a warning when nymead is not running.
  • nymea-update-plugin-packagekit (1.1.0)

    • Add support for Ubuntu 22.04 jammy
    • Update to new repo urls
  • nymea-experience-plugin-energy (1.1.0)

    • Fix thingIds not being removed properly
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