Nymea 0.30 release notes

Just in time for the holidays, we’re ready with the next update, and it’s a big one!

The biggest news is the complete overhaul of the entire energy system. This will now provide a detailed overview of where your energy comes from and where it goes to. Depending on the availability of solar inverters or consumer meters, nymea will generate extensive statistics about all of it. Note that this will require the installation of nymea-experience-plugin-energy, but the app should guide you to that so that would be a matter of 2 clicks if using a dpkg based installation (like the official community image).

But that’s not all, given it was a relatively long development cycle of 3 months (we want to return to shorter cycles again for future releases, let’s see how that works :slight_smile: ) there obviously has been a rather big amount of changes all over the place. Many views in the app have been improved/modernized and small fixes and optimizations have been added here and there.

Another nice one is more work on ZigBee. The ZigBee settings will now be easier to use, and they will also match the “Thing” to the ZigBee node and allow renaming right in place. This should make setting a ZigBee Network much less painful. Along with that, you can now specify the ZigBee channel to be used when setting up a new ZigBee network. This may be useful to force the network to channel 25 if all the others are stuffed by WiFi signals already, or - if you use multiple ZigBee networks - make sure they won’t interfere.

Moving on to the integrations support. We’ve added new support for SG-Ready heat pumps, the TP-Link Kasa KP115, ZigBee spec compliant motion sensors like the Lidl/Silvercrest motion sensor (but really any that follows the ZigBee spec should work), the Hue Wall Switch module (directly via ZigBee, via Hue Bridge it was already supported before), the JUNG ZigBee ZLL5004 wall switch, myStrom smart plugs, the mecMeter energy meter, the INA219 DC 48V energy meter (yes! The energy stuff will also work in your Van/RV on 12V batteries and island-solar panels with this), the Shelly Vintage light bulb and Alpha-Innotec heat pumps. @hiflyer also contributed a very nice plugin for the Garadget garage door controller. Of course, many plugins also got fixes and smaller improvements. For instance, the manufacturer specific commands for Hue devices are now supported in the Hue ZigBee plugin so all the Hue feature are supported now.

Also, we’ve added Ubuntu 21.10 to the supported platforms, while removing the now end of life Ubuntu 20.10.

We wish everyone all the best for the upcoming holidays for those who celebrate it and a good time for anyone else. Enjoy the release!

Here’s the full changelog:

  • nymea-app

    • Complete overhaul of everything energy related
    • Improve ZigBee settings
    • Modernize various thing pages
    • Add support for dynamic min/max values for states
    • Add support for water level sensors
    • Fixes and optimizations for connection establishment and loading
    • Fix UPnP discovery on iOS
    • Fix reconfiguration of discovered things
  • nymea (0.30.0)

    • Add energystorage interface
    • Add support for dynamic min/max state values
    • Add heat pump interfaces
    • Add water level sensor interface
    • Add charging state to evcharger interface
    • Add api to set the zigbee channel during network setup
    • Add min charging current to the electricvehicle interface
    • Add phase count and session energy state to the evcharger interface
    • Change upgrade restart logic to also work on plugins and libs
    • Add unit ohm
    • Close log db if initialisation fails and discard entries.
    • Add flag handling methods for the JSON RPC handler.
    • Add more “by name” thing methods and c++11 list_initializers for
    • Add a providedInterfaces property to thingClass
    • Remove cloud push notifications
    • Fix dependency to libnymea-dev for nymea-sdk
    • Fix a double-free when shutting down the python engine.
  • nymea-plugins (0.30.0)

    • ZigbeePhilipsHue: Use manufacturer specific remote commands
    • Bump urllib3 from 1.26.3 to 1.26.5 in /yamahaavr
    • Keba: set limit for charging current and update to new interface
    • goECharger: set limit for charging current and update to new
    • New Plugin: SG-Ready heat pump based on GPIOs interface
    • New Plugin: Simple heat pump
    • GenericThings: Update generic SG-Ready thing and add heat pump
    • Generic things: Add a generic water level sensor
    • TP-Link Kasa: Add support for the KP115 switch
    • ZigbeeGeneric: Add zigbee presence sensors support
    • ZigbeeHue: Add support for the Hue Wallswitch Module
    • GenericThings: add minimal charging current for generic car.
    • Move simulation plugin to nymea-plugins-simulation repository
    • New plugin: Garadget
    • I2CDevices: Add support for the INA219 energy meter
    • New Plugin: Zigbee remotes (currently supporting the JUNG ZLL 5004)
    • Fronius: Update to latest interface requirements and add
    • Hue: Add new providedInterfaces property with light and powersocket
    • Update to libnymea-gpio changes
    • New Plugin: myStrom
    • New Plugin: mec electronics
    • Keba: Update discovery mechanism
    • Shelly: Remove adaptive filtering
    • Shelly: Add support for the shelly vintage bulb
    • Nuki: Fix bad if clause guards
    • Osdomotics: Fix a crash if the plugin fails to load
  • nymea-plugins-simulation (0.29.1)

    • Add simulated battery
    • Inverter hours offset param
    • Import simulations from nymea-plugins
    • Update simulated evcharger to new interface states
    • EnergySimulation: Add heatpump simulations
    • EnergySimulation: Introduce stove daily usage simulation for cooking
    • EnergySimulation: Remove adative filters for power
    • Fix totals for energy calculation
  • nymea-plugins-modbus (0.30.0)

    • Update to new energystorage interface
    • New plugin: Alpha Innotec heat pumps
    • SunSpec: Fix energy values for solar edge battery
    • Update wallbox interface states
    • EnergyMeters: Refactor using modbus tools
    • Unipi: Update unipi to libnymea-gpio changes
    • Add modbus class generator tools
    • WebastoLive: Add modbus registers doc PDF
  • nymea-zigbee (0.1.4)

    • Add manufacturer specific Philips cluster
    • Add support for IAS Zone enrollment
    • Add a clear method to channel mask
    • Print node manufacturer code
    • Remove a duplicate debug print and fix some typos
    • More work on OnOff, LevelControl and ScenesCluster
  • nymea-gpio (1.0.5)

    • Replace GpioMonitor implementation with libnymeas version.
  • libnymea-networkmanager (0.5.2)

    • Configure AP mode to autoconnect so it comes back up after reboot
    • Drop manual dbg package
  • nymea-update-plugin-packagekit (0.11)

    • Add support for Ubuntu 21.10
  • nymea-experience-plugin-energy (0.4)

    • Add nymea energy experience plugin

Ever since this release, nymea on my raspberry pi 4 (4GB RAM) the system is very sluggish, often requiring weekly restarts. The tough interface.is pretty much unusable.on the attached 7" touchscreen. When can we expect a new release?

Hmm… Can’t give a date for the next release, but it’s coming closer. However, we’re not aware of such an issue which means the update may not change anything for you. Would appreciate if you could try to find out what is making it slow. Is something hogging the CPU maybe?
Which plugins/things do you use?

I am only using Philips Hue things (8 lights, 1 motion sensor, 2 power plugs) at the moment, in conjunction with a hue bridge. The only other plugin I am actively using is the Today plugin to get weather data.

I just ran HTOP via SSH while also using the UI on the Pi at the same time. I get some really strong spikes in CPU usage; it ranges from around 60-280% (so nearly 3 cores are fully used). When I use the UI on my phone, CPU usage is usually between 25 and 35%.

if you run just top, does the IO wait spike? It’s the wa entry in the %CPU(s) row.

Also, which process is spiking? Is it nymead or nymea-app?

wa stayed between 0 and 0.8. It’s nymea-app that is causing the spike.

Ok… Which main views do you have enabled? Do you have multiple connections? Perhaps one that is repeatedly trying to connect to a nymea instance that’s not reachable any more? Another thing you could do is to go to App settings → developer options and see the logs if there is something spamming the log, perhaps trying to enable more debug log categories and finding something that’s printing an unusual amount of logs.

I can’t see any particular log spam.

The categories I have are “Things”, “Favourites” and “Scenes”. Clicking scenes completely hung up the UI right now. It’s been sitting with the screen on for about 4 minutes until I could do anything in the UI again. I will deactivate “Scenes” to see if that’s the culprit.

EDIT: removing Scenes from the main view did indeed fix the responsiveness of the UI.

It also seems to have lowered the amount of CPU it uses to a maximum of around 100%

Interesting… Do you maybe have a rule that triggers repeatedly on/off?

The only rule/magic I have that triggers an on and off of a light is during night time (0-7am). It checks if the motion sensor has “person is present” set to true to turn the light on and turn it off once that is set to false.

The minimum interval for the false is 15 seconds though enforced by the motion sensor itself.

Also the rule itself is inactive during daytime

Did you check the GPU configurations.
This sounds a bit like the CPU is busy doing rendering stuff for the app?

Since i’ve installed the update, my zigbee sensors doesn’t update their status.
I’ve connect them with Deconz from Dresden Electronic.
Before i’ve installed the update it runs fantastic.
Reboots does not solve the Problem.
Does anyone have the same problem or maybe a solution for that?
Thanks alot!

what update exactly did you install?

Hi mzanetti,
i’ve installed the newest release from nymea as named above “0.30” in January 26th. And since then nothing status were send. The last changes you can get from the following screenshot:

On February 23th i did the first reboot after the update.
Thank you very much for your patience.
Kind Regards

ok. (I’m just asking as since yesterday the next release is in the testing channel, so I wasn’t sure if we’re really talking about the 0.30 here).

What sensors exactly are those? And is Zigbee generally not working any more for you or just those sensors?

These are Aqara humidity/temperature Sensors like this one: Aqara WSDCGQ11LM ab 14,90 € (März 2022 Preise) | Preisvergleich bei idealo.de
My other Aqara contact sensors or tradfri lights and motion sensors still get updates.
So only the sensors i’ve mentioned first does not update. :frowning:
I think i should delete them and then reconnect to the system at first or what do you think?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm. I’ve just checked the changelog for the 0.30, there doesn’t seem to be a code change related to those sensors.

In order to get this resolved, those are the options:

  • First, it’d be great if you could grab some logs. For that, enable the debug interface (system settings → developer tools) and open it. Go to the Logs tab and enable logs for “Zigbee”, “ZigbeeNetwork”, “ZigbeeResource” and “ZigbeeLumi” (the aquara devices are handled by the ZigbeeLumi plugin). Then restart nymea, wait for zigbee to settle so the network is online and devices are connected, and then get the logs and send them to us somehow (PM, email, via some chat channel, whatever works for you). Perhaps there’s a bug which can be fixed.
  • Next thing to try would be to remove them from nymea and set them up again. I would guess they will work again, but without fetching the logs prior to that we won’t know what went wrong in the first place and it may happen again.
  • Then, if they still won’t work, there’s the option for you to update to the testing channel which has nymea version 1.0 now and there have been quite a lot of changes in Zigbee and also in the Lumi plugin which may have fixed this. In any case, we’d appreciate feedback on the upcoming release before it is released (testing should be fairly stable all the time, don’t use experimental unless you are a developer or really adventurous).

Sorry but i don’t know how i can bring it to you… i’ve logged the things you want and if i go to your avatar i can’t tip for a pm or chat and i think it could be to much in this chat here for 1.5k lines :stuck_out_tongue:
So please tell me how i can contact you directly for the logs :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot und bis dann!