Nymea 0.29 release notes

Release time!

This is our first release after the holiday season and it’s a bit noticeable in the changelog that everyone of us has been taking a breath for a bit. We’re mostly back and ramping up for full speed again with some great plans for 0.30 already. However, this is not to say that the 0.29 release isn’t a worthy one. We’ve still been quite busy and accumulated a nice batch of extensions and fixes for this release.

A lot of new interfaces added for various sensor types that one would use to monitor an aquarium (O2, ORP, PH) or a camper van (Flammable gas, CO…).

Also our journey into the energy related fields continues by further refining energy related interfaces. Apart from that, the core didn’t receive a lot of user visible changes, however, for plugin developers we’ve added some new APIs to simplify plugin development even further.

The app received some visual improvements by replacing the oldschool header a more modern looking upper part.

The thing control tiles in the favorites/dashboard etc screens will now use the same overlay controls as the main thing which should enable some more thing types and bring those views closer to the things view. The thing setup wizard has been reworked a bit too.
We’ve also added support for the new sensor interfaces added in the core.
Under the hood, we’ve updated the Qt libs or Ubuntu Phone and Android, and bumped the android API level to 30. This required us to rewrite the ZeroConf discovery in order to deal with the newer security restrictions that Android has in place with that API level.

Most energy related plugins received numerous updates and improvements, also bringing new device support for the SMA smart meter.
To support the new sensor interfaces in the core, the generic things plugin has been extended to match the interfaces there. A new ADC plugin (MCP3008) extends the range of supported analog/digital converters to connect all sorts of analog sensors to the generic sensor things. The well known DHT11/DHT22 sensors are now supported too.
The Hue plugin was updated to support more 3rd Party ZigBee devices connected to the Hue bridge and the Hue remote support has been extended to also support the newer models.
From the multimedia corner we’ve seen support for the Yamaha network receivers coming in.
We’ve also added support for the Shelly i3 plugin and extended support for the Shelly 2.5 and 1L.

Enjoy the release.

Full changelog:

  • nymea (0.29.0)

    • Add O2, PH, ORP, CO and flammable gas sensor interfaces
    • Update energymeter interface
    • Add more methods to get to states by name instead of id
    • Fix TCP server internal signal connection
    • Force unit on humidity sensor interface
    • Silence some spamming debug messages from project files
    • Add PluginTimer API to python plugins
    • Add a solar inverter interface
    • Add a plugged in state to evcharger interface
    • Add an electricvehicle interface
    • Prevent unspecific warnings during certificate loading
    • Fix myThings() not being updated before thingRemoved in python
  • nymea-app (1.0.360)

    • Modernize the header visuals
    • Use Button controls on thing tiles too
    • Improve setup wizard for things
    • Add support for state based value comparison in rules
    • Add support for gas and CO sensors
    • Show the URL to the debug interface
    • Fix current index in main menu after a setup is aborted
    • Fix button margins in wizard pages
    • Bump Android API target level to 30
    • Reimplement ZeroConf discovery on android to use Android API
    • Move ConnectionInfoDialog to be a component
    • Move to Qt 5.15.2 for android builds
    • Move to Qt 5.12 for Ubuntu touch builds
    • Fix Bluetooth Discovery on Android
    • Fix and improve performance on the energy view
    • Add api to handle discovery errors better
    • Add 15 mins sample rate to xyseriesadapter
    • Fix app name in controloverlay
    • Fix multiple connections setup when autoconnect option is given
    • Fix static value selection in state descriptor editor
    • Reduce font size in graphs
    • User bigger block sizes when fetching logs from core
    • Fix top panel font color when phone is set to dark mode but still a light style is manually selected
    • Fix saving manual connections in config
    • Clip notifications list
    • Completed translation to turkish
  • nymea-plugins (0.29.0)

    • New PlugIn: SMA
    • GenericThings: Added O2, PH, ORP, CO and flammable gas generic
    • Philips Hue: Add support for on/off light
    • Philips hue: Add dimmer switch v2
    • Philips Hue - add support for Friends of Hue switch and Wall switch
    • New plugin: Yamaha network receiver
    • New plugin: DHT11/DHT22/AM2302
    • TP-Link: Fix smart meter interfaces
    • Shelly: Add second switch for the Shelly 1L
    • Shelly: Add generic IO states for shelly 2.5
    • Fronius: Add network discovery and broken API version check
    • Generic Things: Add a generic electric car thing
    • New Plugin: MCP3008 SPI DAC
    • GenericThings: Fix typo in Generic door/window sensor
    • Shelly: Add support for settings for the Shelly I3
    • goE-Charger: Add plugedIn state
    • Neato Botvac: Use nymea plugintimer
    • Keba: Add plugged in interface state and translate different states
    • GenericElements: Make use of more interfaces in generic elements
    • ZigbeeDevelco: Use adaptive filter for sensor values
    • Keba: Filter discovered devices by mac address vendor and not by
  • nymea-plugins-modbus (0.29.0)

    • Add libnymea-sunspec and update SunSpec plugin containing SolarEdge
    • Build with gcc 9
    • Add option to generate libnymea-sunspec with a minimal model set to
    • Unipi: Update to libnymea-gpio
  • nymea-gpio (1.0.3)

    • Add monitor gpio number get method
    • Build gcc 9 and fix install path
  • nymea-networkmanager (0.5.8)

    • Update readme
  • nymea-plugins-simulation (0.29.0)

    • Add a simulation for energy related use cases
  • nymea-zeroconf-plugin-avahi (0.11)

    • Delay retrying of resolving for 5 seconds to avoid spinning the CPU
    • Remove dbus linking in project file
    • Make build with gcc-9
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