Nymea 0.28 release notes

Hello everyone,

time for a new release! 0.28 brings a lot of new features!

Let’s begin with the app. This release adds the long awaited Dashboard which allows creating custom views, mixing together things, folders, charts, scenes and even web views which allow users to embed their own content. This could be a Grafana chart, your daily news feed or your self made web interface to do whatever you want.

The very first start of nymea:app is something that we knew needs to be reworked for a while already and it finally happened. Now, starting the app will present a wizard guiding through the entire process of setting up a nymea system, from downloading the image, through wireless (or wired) network setup and connecting to it.

The next big thing is the addition of Modbus (RTU and TCP) support. There’s a new settings module for it which allows to set up any Modbus RTU connection with ease. Once done so, a whole bunch of new and reworked Modbus based plugins will enable support for various Solar inverters, Energy meters, heat pumps and so on.

This isn’t the only new thing in the settings though. The Zigbee settings were extended to add initial support for node management. Now, if a Zigbee device joins the network but there isn’t proper support for it in nymea yet, it will still appear in the zigbee settings and will allow to inspect some properties of the device as well as removing it again from the network.

Apart from those big new features, the app has been translated into turkish and obviously received some more fixes.

Moving on to nymea:core, the biggest changes are of course coupled with the app’s changes. The Modbus API has been added to allow for easier plugin creation in the energy field and the ZigBee API was extended to enable node management. However, that’s not all. There’s a brand new network device discovery API available for plugin developers. This is a big rework of the Network Detector plugin to not require wireshark or any external tools any more but instead directly scan the network on its own and being integrated into the core for other plugins to use. Especially the new modbus plugins are already using this to discover energy devices related in the network which sadly often don’t provide a more proper way to be discovered such as mDNS or UPnP. With this piece of code however, nothing is save from nymea any more and will be discovered in the network.

Another minor but still noteworthy change is that nymea now allows integer states to be used for generic IO connections. So far only floating point states could do this. This will allow for more and better “generic things” in the future.

For device support, the most notable additions were:

  • The shelly motion sensor
  • Some more ZigBee devices from Develco
  • The go-eCharger wallbox
  • The TP-Link Kasa KP105
  • iDM heat pumps
  • M-Tec heat pumps
  • A collection of energy meters
    Also some more generic things were added.

Thats it for now. I hope you enjoy this release as much as we do :slight_smile:

As usual, the full changelog:

  • nymea-app (1.0.324)

    • Add a new Dashboard view
    • Add a new connection setup wizard
    • Add configuration support for Modbus RTU
    • Add initial Zigbee node management support
    • Added turkish translations
    • Rework buttons visuals
    • Fix ventilation control view
    • Fix a performance problem in nymea discovery
    • Fix an issue with disabling screen dimming on the RPi
    • Fix subtext in log viewer entries
    • Fix the script console not working directly after deploying a new script
    • Add OAuth (WebView) support to the snap package
  • nymea (0.28.0)

    • Add Zigbee node JSON RPC API
    • Add Modbus RTU hardware resource
    • Add more param getter functions to the python api
    • Add air quality interfaces
    • Add more flexible createChannel API to the MQTT provider resource
    • Fix action finishing in input types mock
    • Fix time based rules not being initialized directly after creation
    • Allow creating rules with exit actions and calendar items
    • Add missing changed notification for appdata
    • Add a Network device discovery API for plugins
    • Add flow rate control support to the ventilation interface
    • Allow [u]ints to be used with analog IO connections
    • Add support for QList → [time_t] conversion to JSON
    • Add some convenience methods to access states/stateTypes by name
    • Add thingClassId to thingDescriptors json
    • Add a getter method for thing classes to plugin api
    • Rework smartmeter interfaces
  • nymea-plugins (0.28.0)

    • Shelly: Add support for the Shelly motion sensor
    • New Plugin: ZigbeeDevelco
    • Neato: Bump cryptography from 3.3 to 3.3.2
    • GenericThings: Add a generic battery thing
    • GenericThings: Add a totally generic thing
    • ZigbeeDevelco: Add zigbee air quality sensor
    • Fronius: Fix timer clean up on things removed and code cleaning
    • New plugin: go-eCharger based on MQTT
    • Fastcom: Bump urllib3 from 1.25.10 to 1.26.5
    • Neato: Bump urllib3 from 1.26.3 to 1.26.5
    • WakeOnLan: Add network device discovery
    • Keba: Update discovery to nymea internal discovery mechanism
    • Add logging to awattar state “currentMarketPrice”
    • TP-Link Kasa: Add KP105
    • GenericThing: Add a generic ventilation thing with flow control
    • Update plugins to new smartmeter interface
    • ReverseSSH: Reworked plugin
    • Tado: Fix login url
  • nymea-plugins-modbus (0.24.5)

    • New Plugin: iDM
    • ModbusCommander: Use new modbus RTU hardware resource for the modbus
    • New plugin: Energy meters
    • New Plugin: M-Tec
    • Drexel & Weiss: Switched to modbus rtu resource
    • Improve modbus TCP class and reconnect mechanism
    • Update plugins to make use of the nymea internal network discovery
    • Update to new smartmeter interfaces
  • nymea-zigbee (0.1.3)

    • Add develco profile and manufacturer and manufacturer specific ids
    • Improve node removed behavior
  • nymea-apikeysprovider-plugin-community (0.6)

    • Enable building on Ubuntu 21.01
  • nymea-cli (1.1.7)

    • Fix reading params when adding or editing thing
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