Nymea 0.26 release notes

Here comes 0.26!

This release comes with a number of improvements and fixes in nymea core. The most notable changes for users are probably the updates in the interfaces which allow nymea:app to integrate better with different device types.
The ZigBee stack received a fix which makes it support also the newest ConBee/RaspBee firmwares.
0.26 also brings a number of improvements for developers by restructuring the SDK packages.

The app brings a number of improvements and fixes all around, ranging from individual device views to improvements in the ScriptEditor.

Along with the core changes, there are a ton of updates in integration plugins.
There are new plugins related to push notifications: One is the PushNotifications plugin which allows to send push notifications to nymea:app on Android, iOS and UBPorts without requiring a nymea:cloud account or any other external service. Just sending notifications straight from nymea to your phone (The phone manufacturers push server is still involved behind the scenes). The old nymea:cloud based push notification mechanism is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
If that’s still not an option for you (for example on Android without Play Services) there is now the option to send notifications to Telegram via the new Telegram plugin.
Thanks to the feedback from our community, we’ve also added a number of Generic Things which allow to use nymea with home-brew sensors but still plug a nice user interface to them.

New modbus related plugins added support for SunSpec capable solar inverters, emeters and power storages as well as Webasto ev chargers.

We’ve also added a JavaScript plugin to the collection. It tracks the position of the International Space Station ISS and provides that to nymea. While this is probably not the plugin you’ve been waiting for as a user, this might be more interesting to you if you’re a JavaScript developer and are looking for an easy to understand example on how to get started with JS plugin development.

This release contains many more fixes and smaller features but they’re too many to list them all, so make sure to check the complete changelog below.

nymea (0.26.0)

  • Support for configuring logging and filtering states/events
  • Add unit to batterylevel interface
  • Username optional on account interface
  • Rework heating/cooling/thermostat interfaces
  • Add a watersensor interface
  • Don’t crash when a python plugin fails to load
  • Silence plugin dir debug print
  • Restructure nymea-sdk meta package
  • Updated evcharger interface
  • Weather interface units
  • Plugininfocompiler: Add debug output for unknown units
  • Rename libnymea dev
  • Allow calling ScriptAction::execute() without parameters
  • Update copyright to 2021
  • Allow disabling python via CONFIG+=withoutpython
  • Fix loading of JS plugins


  • Improve thermostat view
  • Fixes in UPnP discovery
  • Align default port for manual connection with defaults in nymea:core
  • Add support for new Push Notifications
  • Fix presence sensor in sensors list
  • Improve energy related views
  • Add water sensors interfaces
  • Improvements in the Script Editor auto-completion
  • Allow resizing the console panel in the script editor
  • Rework the Bluetooth-WiFi setup
  • Fix a connection issue with non-encrypted connections
  • Show pressure as psi when units are set to imperial
  • Fix group actions
  • Tweak plugin settings page
  • Update evcharger interface
  • Fixes in the Rule Editor

nymea-plugins (0.26.0)

  • New Plugin: PushNotifications
  • Doorbird: Improve setup and reconfiguration
  • Thermostats: Adjust to new thermostat interface
  • PhilipsHue: Add better support for the Hue Smart plug
  • ZigbeeGeneric: Extend generic power socket
  • FlowerCare: Add missing unit to batteryLevel state
  • Adjust to new logging and filter options
  • Simulation: Add a simulated water sensor
  • Simulation: Add simulated venetian blinds
  • ZigbeePhilipsHue: Add support for the Hue Smart button
  • Keba: Rework plugin
  • GenericThings: Add a generic door/window sensor
  • GPIO: Remove button interface from GPIO input
  • Fronius: Storage battery critical only when not charging
  • Snapd: Remove the snap plugin
  • Tasmota: Add support for the gneric I/O mechanism
  • Shelly: Add support for shelly i3
  • Simulation: EV Charger update interface
  • Tuya: Poll the cloud even less frequently to avoid rate limits
  • TP-Link: Add support for TP-Link Kasa Power Strip HS300
  • GenericThings: Add unit Percentage to input value
  • Shelly: Don’t complete setup for childs when the parent setup fails
  • Anel: Automatically update configuration when the IP changes
  • Tuya: Add light device support
  • Zigbee: Complete support for ZigBee Thermostats (generic)
  • Update to renamed libnymea-dev
  • Denon: Added rediscovery on IP change
  • New Plugin: Telegram
  • GenericThings: Add a generic light sensor
  • ZigbeeLumi: Fix pressure for Lumi sensors
  • New Plugin: Where the ISS at?

nymea-plugins-modbus (0.24.2)

  • New plugin: SunSpec
  • New Plug-In: UniPi (moved repo nymea-plugin-unipi)
  • Wallbe: Updated extendevcharger interface
  • New plugin: Webasto
  • Update dependency to renamed libnymea-dev package

nymea-zigbee (0.1.1)

  • deCONZ backend: Support latest firmware versions

nymea-mqtt (0.1.7)

  • Fix isConnected() and binary payload parsing

nymea-remoteproxy (0.1.12)

  • Fix header install path


Zigbee (lidl/silvercrest) power sockets stopped working after this update. First it said plugin not installed and then after i removed the zigbee things to connect those back to the network, i was unable to do so.

Xiaomi motion sensor is working ok, so its not the whole zigbee malfunctioning.

All the zigbee related plugins are installed and system rebooted.

Br, Olli

Hi @Ollip, thanks for the report. There was indeed a change related to ZigBee power sockets…Could you please enable ZigBee related logs in the debug interface, then reconnect the socket and report a bug to nymea-plugins.

check --> https://github.com/nymea/nymea-plugins/issues/404