Nymea 0.24 release notes

Finally it’s ready! 0.24 has been released to the public! And what a release it is:

On the app side we’ve added support for Android 11 device controls. Now you can control your entire nymea setup right from the power button of your Android device! Check out the video we posted on twitter for this feature (Don’t forget to retweet :wink: ):

In addition to that, we’ve added support NFC tags to the app. You can now link a NFC tag to a Thing in nymea and when you tap the tag with your phone it will automatically activate the stored preset and open a control view for this thing.

We’ve also dramatically improved the connection speed by shaping off more than a second when connecting the app to nymea. This reflects on local as well as on remote connections.

In the core we’ve added support for Python plugins. Nymea plugins can now be written in Python along with C++/Qt and JavaScript. If you’re a Python developer and miss support for something in nymea, now’s the time to get your hands dirty.
Getting started with development on nymea also has been made easier as one now only needs to sudo apt-get install nymea-sdk to get started.

We’ve also added support for updating devices firmware directly through nymea. No need to use the Shelly or Hue app any more to upgrade the firmware. Nymea will show when there’s an update available and allow updating it.

Now lets look at the new plugins. There’s a whole bunch of changes in the plugins in this release too! We’ve added support for the entire Somfy Tahoma ecosystem. In addition to that, there is a plugin allowing to periodically measure your internet connection speed using fast.com servers and a completely offline plugin that calculates the current angle to the sun. This might be useful in scripts if you want to adjust your venetian blinds to keep them open as much as possible but still protecting yourself from direct sun.

The list of changes is still much longer than the above summary, so as usual, you’ll find the complete changelog below.

Enjoy this release!

nymea:app (1.0.249)

  • Add support Android 11 device actions
  • Add support for NFC tags
  • Improve connection performance
  • Improve visibility of errors in the main view
  • Improve notifications view
  • Improve color temperature selecting in rules

nymea (0.24.0)

  • Retry setup if it fails at startup (e.g. network isn’t up yet)
  • Don’t call thingRemoved() on the plugin in case of reconfiguring
  • Add support for Python plugins
  • Introduce nymea-sdk meta package
  • Make the signalStrength state in wirelessconnectable interface
  • Add update interface
  • Allow states, events and actions in interfaces to be optional
  • Fix a potential crash in logging handlers
  • Add caching information to client API
  • Fix the webserver for serving static files
  • Add support for interface based script events and actions
  • Add an API keys provider plugin mechanism
  • Force full linking of plugins at build time
  • Suppress recurring warning about missing user agents in http
  • Don’t use deprecated QString::sprintf and qVariantFromValue

nymea-plugins (0.24.0)

  • New plugin: somfytahoma
  • PhilipsHue: Fix automatic rediscovery of the bridge if it changes IP
  • New Plugin: Sun position
  • New Plugin: Fastcom
  • Make use of the wirelessconnectable interface across relevant
  • Shelly & Hue: Implement update interface
  • Shelly: Clean up a copy/paste error in the plugin JSON
  • SolarLog: Fix units in json
  • Simulation plug-in: Added door/windows contact sensor
  • UDP Commander: Fix processing of multiple UDP datagrams in one go
  • OpenWeatherMap: Use api key provider api
  • BluOS: Fix undefined reference
  • MQTTClient: Fix linking with more restrictive flags
  • Tuya: Poll api less frequently to adhere to new API rate limits
  • AQI: Added API key provider
  • Don’t use API deprecated in Qt 5.14
  • OneWire: Fixed W1 temperature sensor setup

nymea-plugins-modbus (0.24.0)

  • Initial release

nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.10)

  • UniPi add missing digital and analog IOs

nymea-update-plugin-packagekit (0.8)

  • Add support for Ubuntu groovy

nymea-qtcreator-wizards (0.0.9)

  • Add qtcreator to recommends

nymea-apikeysprovider-plugin-community (0.2)

  • Add a simplistic api key provider plugin

nymea-remoteproxy (0.1.11)

  • Don’t use deprecated sprintf (since Qt 5.14)

nymea-gpio (1.0.2)

  • Don’t use deprecated QTime::restart

nymea-networkmanager (0.5.4)

  • Fix startup sequence on Raspberry Pi 4
  • Don’t use deprecated qVariantFromValue