Nymea 0.23 release notes

As summer holidays are ending, we’re back with another release. This release is focusing mostly on the app while core and plugins have received some bug fixes.

There is a new plugin for Fronius solar inverters which continues our journey to dig deeper into energy related use cases. Also the generic things plugin has received support for some more sensors as requested by our community (pressure sensor, co2sensor and a smart meter) to be used with generic and homebrew hardware like GPIOs, MQTT and similar.

As hinted before, the app has received the biggest set of changes in this release. The main view is now completely configurable. If you have no use for Scenes, Groups or Favorites they can now be hidden and some new views have been added for Garage doors, Energy monitoring and Multimedia. Last but not least, a new style named “energize” has been added.

Enjoy this new release!

Here’s the full changelog:

nymea (0.23.0)

  • Rework garage door interfaces
  • Fix conversion of values
  • Use bindValue for composing query strings for the log DB
  • Fix missing name method override for json handlers
  • Fix update busy flag in GetUpdateStatus API call
  • Fix cleaning up tags that are not needed any more
  • Rework how Loggingcategories are registered

nymea-app (1.0.220)

  • New style “energize”
  • Make the main view more configurable
  • Fix help button in script editor
  • Translated to italian
  • Improved garage door views
  • Add support for showing/hiding the mouse cursor on demand (detecting usage of mouse vs touchscreen)
  • Fix creating interface based rules with params from events
  • Add support for barcode scanners
  • Improve irrigation view
  • Add support for time based rule templates

nymea-plugins (0.23.0)

  • New Plugin: Fronius
  • UsbRelay: Fix initialization of udev device watcher if no matching
  • Generic things: Add extended smart meter
  • Awattar: The token is not needed any more for AT
  • Generic Things: Add generic pressure and co2 sensors
  • Shelly: Allow setting the roller shutter percentage
  • Generic Things: Add generic garagedoors

nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.8)

  • Add Analog IOs
  • Update Readme
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We’ve squeezed in a 0.23.1 release with some bug fixes.

  • nymea (0.23.1)

    • Make it build with Qt 5.14 and -Wno-deprecated
    • README.md: fix license version
    • Silence the warning about not being able to translate plugins
  • nymea-plugins (0.23.1)

    • Nanoleaf: Fix IPv6
    • Hue: Don’t set invalid states to the hue color light
    • OneWire PlugIn: Add W1 support
    • AnelElektronik: Fix actions and add generic IO types
    • Hue: Don’t falsely emit button presses at startup
  • nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.9)

    • Add Analog IOs
    • Update Readme
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