Nymea 0.22 release notes

0.22.0 is out!

As we’ve got a bunch of larger works in the pipelines we’re currently trying to release more often with smaller updates again to keep the pipeline clean. So this new small release mostly focuses on closables. That is, blinds, shutters garage doors and so on.

Apart from the UI for those things having received some updates, the big news for this is that we’ve added support for venetian blinds, including angle control for them.

The Shelly plugin got an update adding the Shelly Dimmer 2 to the family of supported Shelly devices.

A new plugin for Solar Log has been added, taking nymea into the world of photovoltaic power. If you own a photovoltaic inverter, there’s a good change that it will be supported by nymea now.

Apart from some minor fixes, more smart plugs are now supporting the new generic input/output system which we introduced in the previous release.

Full changelog:

nymea-app (1.0.213)

  • Rework closable views and add support for venetian blinds
  • Show media browser error messages to the user when available
  • Fix event indication LED in things details page
  • Fix log viewer not displaying entry values in certain circumstances
  • Fix color picker not always sending the last event

nymea (0.22.0)

  • Store state changes immediately when they change
  • Allow emitting events from things directly
  • Vaguely inform the plugin about the origin of actions.
  • Fix time filter

nymea-plugins (0.22.0)

  • Make use of generic IO support in smart plugs
  • New plugin: Solar-Log
  • Shelly: Add support for the Shelly Dimmer 2
  • Generic Things: Add venetian blind