Nymea 0.21 release notes

Yay! Release time!

Here we are with version 0.21. As usual, let’s have a look on the bigger changes:

Nymea got a brand new feature named generic IO connections. Those are connections between things without having to use any Magic or Scripts. Such Generic IO connections can be used to connect different things to something generic. Take this example: You have a smart plug which will show up in the UI as power socket. However, in reality, you’re very likely to also connect something to this smart plug, for instance a light. Using generic IO connections you can now create a “virtual” light thing in nymea and plug it into the power socket. This light will now appear in the lights ui and also react on commands like “all lights off”. Nymea will then figure out that it actually needs to power off the smart plug to effectively turn off the light.

Another big use case for this feature are GPIOs on the Raspberry Pi or similar. Using this feature you can connect all sorts of things to your GPIOs, basically transforming nymea into a fully fledged PCL system. One of our best examples is @Foenky who is already building a fully automated and nymea powered koi pond using this! I myself have been testing this by building an automated smart garden with nymea by reading soil moisture values from analog sensors connected to the RPi GPIOs via the ADS1115 analog/digital converter:

Another cool change which we did is to allow nymea being more easily integrated with grafana. Since forever, you can configure nymea to log sensor values to something else than SQLITE, however, some stuff in the DB wasn’t stored in a very readable format. With this release, grafana can be pointed to nymea’s log DB and you can create cool sensor dashboards with grafana.

The network settings of nymea got a nice little rework which now also makes it possible to fire up an access point on your Raspberrry Pi, right from the system settings page on your app. The best use for this feature is by connecting the Raspberry Pi to your personal network via LAN cable and then use its WiFi radio to spawn a new WiFi just for your IoT devices. This way you can remove all those IoT devices from your personal network which means less traffic and less security concerns!

This release also contains some new integration plugins! Welcome Doorbird (Intercom systems), BluOS (Multimedia), Generic Things (Yes, what we talked about before) and some I²C devices, mainly Analog Digital converters for the RaspberryPi. The Philips Hue plugin gets support for the Hue Smart button too.

That’s not all the new stuff, we’ve also sorted out numerous issues thanks to our users reporting them and providing feedback! Thank you all!

Enjoy the release!

As usual, see the complete changelog below:

nymea (0.21.0)

  • Add support for generic IO connections
  • Add an irrigation interface
  • Add ventilation interface
  • Add an I2C hardware resource
  • Improve networking API
  • Improve error messages when a plugin fails to load
  • Add support for restarting nymea in the system api
  • Reject duplicate ids in plugin json
  • Log DB schema 4
  • Drop internal networkmanager and use libnymea-networkmanager instead
  • Fix thing class translations
  • Check for cloud certificate file before trying to connect
  • Add a helper function to more easily access ZeroConf txt records
  • Cleanup license headers/files
  • Don’t directly link to libssl, we’re using the Qt wrappers
  • Fix UPnP discovery if wifi comes up late

nymea-app (1.0.211)

  • New certificate pinning mechanism
  • Fixes scripting code completion
  • Improve network settings (add Access Point mode)
  • Fix pushbutton auth with factory reset maveo box
  • Add support for generic IO connections
  • Add support for the irrigation interface
  • Add support for restarting nymea in the settings
  • Fixes in params input and rule creation
  • Improve landscape/tablet mode with graph pages
  • Add support for the ventilation interface
  • Add thing ID info to the thing config page

nymea-plugins (0.21.0)

  • New Plug-In: Doorbird
  • New plug-in: BluOS
  • New Plugin: Generic Things
  • New Plugin: I²C devices
  • Removed all 433MHz plug-ins
  • Rework readmes
  • Tado: Add heating interface
  • PhilipsHue: Add support for the Hue Smart Button
  • Shelly: Add switch device to Shelly Dimmer
  • All Plugins: Fix german translations to also work all german regions
  • Avahi Monitor: added address and port
  • Tuya: Fix devId parameter for blinds
  • GPIO: Add support for generic IO connections
  • Denon Plug-in: Fixed discovery and added async actions
  • Philips Hue: Additional discovery method

nymea-remoteproxy (0.1.10)

  • Allow multiple tunnels for one valid token

libnymea-networkmanager (0.4.0)

  • Fix wrong argument when creating an access point
  • Add IP address information
  • Improve AP error handling a bit

nymea-plugins-simulation (0.8)

  • Fix duplicate UUID for connected state type

nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.5)

  • Generic IOs
  • Rework readmes
  • Fix UniPi 1 Actions

nymea-update-plugin-packagekit (0.7)

  • Add support for Ubuntu 20.04 focal fossa

nymea-system-plugin-systemd (0.5)

  • Add support for the new restart method in the system api

nymea-zeroconf-plugin-avahi (0.6)

  • Fix monitoring of services without any filter applied
  • Fix enabled property and retry failed resolvers

nymea-zeroconf-plugin-dnssd (0.2)

  • Initial release

nymea-qtcreator-wizards (0.0.8)

  • Fix wrong filename