Nymea 0.20 release notes

Hello again,

it’s release time!

This release - again - doesn’t have outstanding new features in nymea core, however, we’ve packed a whole lot of work into integration plugins and did some house keeping tasks which was long overdue. So this release comes with a lot of smaller changes all over the place and will likely have something in store for every kind of nymea user.

One long outstanding request was the issue that nymea:app for Android was only built for arm64 devices so far. This left out a lot of lower to mid end Android phones as they could only run arm32. If you’ve experienced the message “Your device is not supported by this version” in the Google Play store, this release is for you as it now supports all Android devices.

The app has also seem a number of fixes and some improvements in the grouping view. This is still an ongoing task and should improve more over time but it should solve all the related user-reports we got so far.

With this release, nymea includes three new integrations. Say hello to, KNX, Air quality index and the Dynatrace UFO. Yes, nymea now supports KNX. Given the complexity of KNX setups, the setup is not as straight forward as you’re used to with other integration, but also not very hard. Everyone who managed to configure their KNX bus should be able to walk through this with ease.
The Dynatrace UFO is a cool monitoring device that we’ve been given by our friends over at Dynatrace. You can 3D print your own with the guides at https://github.com/Dynatrace/ufo and it’ll work now with nymea.
The Air quality index plugin has been sleeping in our queue for a while. It’s the right time to set that up now and see how (sadly) air quality will drop around the world again as countries will start taking back all the Corona related shutdowns.
Some other plugin updates worth noting are the Philips Hue plugin which now supports activating scenes stored on the Hue Bridge, Denon Heos speakers now being browsable and the aWATTar plugin now also supporting aWATTar Germany.

The one last big change I’d like to talk about is the renaming process we’ve gone through. You might have noticed already that I started to talk about “Integrations”. We’ve finally taken the time to streamline nymea:core internals with how the user-facing parts of nymea already behave for a long time. Previously, we called them “device plugins” which arguably didn’t really fit well. After all such a plugin could also support online services and the like which aren’t exactly “devices”. Now also the plugin API as well as the JSON RPC API are referring to those things as “Things” to fully reflect the field we’re in, the Internet of Things. Device plugins have been renamed to integration plugins. This will require plugin developers to update their plugins to the new API (we’ve done so for all the plugins we’re aware of). While the client app API also supports the new “things”, it still has a compatibility layer to also support “devices” still for the time being. Last but not least this will also affect scripts created with the nymea script engine. Please migrate all your scripts to use “ThingState”, “ThingAction” etc instead of “DeviceState”, “DeviceAction” and so on. Again, for the time being a compatibility layer to not break users scripts has been added too.

As usual, there are many more fixes and smaller changes all over the place. Please see the complete changelog below.

Have fun!

The complete changelog:

  • nymea:app
    • Rework grouping behavior a bit
    • Support “Thing” instead of “Device” in script editor
    • Upgrade to Qt 5.14 (Android and iOS)
    • Build multi-arch Android packages
    • Some fixes when reconfiguring discovered things
    • Fix pressure unit in weather view
    • Fix broken time settings on Android
    • Fix some graphs not updating correctly when imperial units are used
    • Fix spaces and “Umlauts” in ScriptEditor’s code completion
    • Fix missing state change values in the log viewer
    • Add support for the Radio Paradise icon when browsing media
    • Fix removing things being broken in some circumstances
    • Fix dark-on-dark font in the header with some styles

  • libnymea-networkmanager (0.3.0)
    • Remove misleading return value, now that the method is async

  • nymea-networkmanager (0.5.2)
    • Fix race conditions at startup.

  • nymea (0.20.0)
    • Rename devices to Integrations/Things
    • Add Radio Paradise icon support in the browser
    • Fix param values getting lost in ScriptEvents
    • Add better error reporting when a client fails to establish the
    • Allow removal of discovered child things
    • Add a displayMessage for errors to browsing operations
    • Fix initialization of ScriptState values on startup
    • Fix remving of things without plugin

  • nymea-plugins (0.20.0)
    • Denon Plug-In: Heos add browsing
    • New Plugin: Air Quality Index
    • New Plug-In: Dynatrace UFO
    • Keba: add interfaces, async actions and async setup
    • Hue: Add support for scenes and cleanup removed devices
    • aWATTar: Add support for aWATTar Germany
    • Shelly: Fix channel parameter for generated switch on Shelly1
    • OpenWeatherMap: Fix support for custom OWM API tokens
    • Shelly: Fix connection status if a Shelly connects too fast
    • FlowerCare: Fix rediscovery for reconfiguration
    • Netatmo: Added userandpassword setup method
    • PhilipsHue: Fix motion sensor timeout
    • Shelly: Provide defaults for all parameters
    • Philips Hue: Fix bridge rediscovery
    • OneWire: Fix manual discovery of connected devices
    • CoinMarketCap: New API
    • TCP Commander: Fix input with multiple incoming connections

  • nymea-plugins-simulation (0.7)
    • Update to API changes (IntegrationPlugins and Things)

  • nymea-plugin-modbuscommander (0.1.3)
    • Update to API changes (IntegrationPlugin and Things)

  • nymea-plugin-unipi (0.1.4)
    • Add command queue and update to new API

  • nymea-plugin-knx (0.0.2)
    • Add to nymea release process
    • Add to nymea release chain
    • Fix scaling issue in the dimming code

  • nymea-qtcreator-wizards (0.0.7)
    • Update DevicePlugin to IntegrationPlugin

  • nymea-plugin-ekey (0.0.3)
    • Update to new API (IntegrationPlugin and Things)
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