Nymea 0.19 release notes

Another month, another release. Say hello to 0.19!

So, what’s new?

This one isn’t huge, but it still has some nice new features in it. Mainly user management has been improved. That is, one can now change the password for a user using the app as well as token management has been added. If a phone that had been logged in to a nymea core has been lost or stolen, the access token can now be removed. Another improvement is a better indication of what might went wrong if a thing fails to set up during nymea start… Such a thing would now have a proper error message with an indication what might went wrong as opposed to just showing up as disconnected.

The lucky winners when it comes to integrations in this release are Shelly, TP-Link and Bose. The following new devices are supported:

  • TP-Link HS100, HS103, HS105, HS200 and KP100
  • Shelly 2.5, 1PM, Dimmer, RGBW2 and Plug/PlugS
  • The Bose plugin has been extended to allow browsing the Bose device and activate presets.

A big tanks to all the community members who were helping out with providing logs and feedback!

Apart from those new features, this release obviously also contains a number of fixes and other smaller improvements which can be looked up in the complete changelog:

– nymea:app (1.0.187)

  • Fix shadows when using multiple tabs
  • Hide delete option for child things
  • Open context menus on longpress
  • Fix a crash on some Android devices
  • Reduce minimum tile size
  • Add a placeholder on switches when there are no presses yet
  • Improve error reporting when a thing fails to set up
  • Add support for changing the password and revoke tokens
  • Fix log viewer for action parameters
  • Fix weather view conversion to imperial

– nymea (0.19.0)

  • Delete devices before plugin destruction
  • Cleanup Rule definition in introspection
  • Add more detailed setup status to API
  • Improve heating interfaces
  • Add Users API
  • Fix some issues reported by valgrind
  • Fix ScriptAction qqmlparserstatus
  • Keep devices without plugins in the system
  • Update copyright in --help text
  • Bump version for 0.19
  • Add units: newton, newtonmeter and rpm
  • Stabilize logging tests

– nymea-plugins (0.19.0)

  • Shelly: Add 2.5, 1PM, Dimmer, RGBW2 and Plug/PlugS
  • Bose: Add support for presets
  • TP-Link: Add support for HS100, HS103, HS105, HS200 and KP100

– nymea-mqtt (0.1.5)

  • Fix a memory leak reported by valgrind
  • Allow clients with protocol version 3.1.0 to connect to the server
  • Initial attempt to start documenting things

– libnymea-networkmanager (0.2.3)

  • Reinitialize nm if the initial properties cannot be loaded during startup

– nymea-zeroconf-plugin-avahi (0.5)

  • Fix the workaround for bad routers after refactoring

– nymea-qtcreator-wizards (0.0.6)

  • Update build deps in wizard created dpkg
  • Add displayName properties to wizard