Nymea 0.16 release notes

Hello, here we are with another update: 0.16 has been released.

The main change in this release is a major rework of the plugin api. Those new changes should make writing plugins a bit easier, and mainly allow us extending the API in the future more easily without breaking backwards compatibility. It’s a big milestone for us internally, probably not visible too much for the user at this point.

But that’s not the only thing that changed. We’ve also extended the debug interface to have a much better live-log of logs and fixed other things in the core.

And, we’ve also added new plugins:

  • Sonos sound systems are now supported!
  • Devices from Shelly are now supported with their original firmware (no tasmota needed)
  • CoinMarketCap allows you to monitor bitcoin prices and - if you’re that kind of person - alert you on changes.
  • ModbusCommander, a plugin to send commands on Modbus
  • And a brand new UniPi plugin which replaces the old one and improves things a lot.

Obviously there were also fixes in other plugins, namely EQ-3, Kodi, Hue, Nuimo and the NetworkDetector.

nymea:app has gotten some improvements too: Rule templates have been embraced and there are now a bunch of templates that make creating magic easier. We’d welcome any contributions for more rule templates that allow other users to have your awesome automation magic added with just a few clicks. Just ask here for details on how to get started, we’ll need to work out a better contribution flow for those still, ideally together with you.

Last but not least, this release also marks the starting point of official Raspberry Pi 4 support. The links on the Website have been updated to point to the new stable image.