Nymea 0.15 release notes


Here it is, nymea 0.15!

This release is all about multimedia. In particular, it features a brand new thing browser API. This is not just for multimedia, but any type of thing that can be browsed by the user somehow can be made browsable for nymea now too. The obvious use case that comes to mind at first is multimedia browsing. The first plugin that supports this is the kodi plugin which got a whole revamp because of this. Those browser items can also be used in rules, this means you can select certain media via rules too. This allows cool things like turning on the Rocky soundtrack when you enter your home, or also more useful stuff, like setting up nymea to wake you up in the morning with music.

Support for a keypad interface has been for a while in nymea:core already, but only now nymea:app received ui for that and the kodi plugin has been extended to make use of that too. That means, nymea is now a fully featured kodi remote control.

Along with this we’ve also introduced a plugin for Bose SoundTouch devices and did some fixes in other plugins too.

There is one more thing to notice. With this release we’ve also enabled the release toolchain for Debian 10 (Buster). We’re building amd64, i386, armhf and arm64 packages. So nymea is now also officially released for the Raspberry 4. Currently, one needs to manually add the nymea repository to the Pi and install it with apt. We’ll be looking into providing ready-to-flash images for the Raspberry Pi 4 soon.