Nymea 0.14 plugin development changes


we’ve just released nymea 0.14. This release has a major API change for plugin developers. It actually should not be to hard to update to the new API, but some things have changed:

  • nymea-generateplugininfo has been replaced with nymea-plugininfocompiler
    This means in practice that plugin developers need to
    sudo apt-get install nymea-dev-tool
    in order to install the plugininfocompiler on their system. However, the rest should happen automatically, you will notice much better error reporting from the compiler if there are problems with the plugin’s .json file.

  • The DeviceManager class has been removed from the plugin API. The most visible impact (actually pretty much the only one too) is that device related error codes are now living in the Device:: namespace instead of the DeviceManager:: namespace.