Nuki Smart Lock


Hi there!

I have a Nuki smart lock. Do you plan to integrate that into nymea?


Hello kerstin, welcome to our forum.

We are working on support for the Nuki smart lock and have it working already but we need to clarify some legal details before we can release it to the public. I hope to be able to update you on this very soon.

Best regards,


I had the chance to test the Nuki integration now, thank you!

I have some issues:
1: Pairing worked after the second trial: You search it, then you enter nuki into pairing mode, then pressing the button in the app - but it either takes quite long or it does not work at all.
2: locking or unlocking doesn’t always work.
3: Missing feature: opening the door. Only unlocking don’t mean you can enter, in my case of a outside-doorknob.


Hello Kerstin,

thank you for the feedback, this is very help full!
I’ll try to implement the missing features and bug fixes as soon as possible.

Best regards,