Noob install instructions for an already-existing pi image?

I’m not able to find a clear and step-by-step set of instructions on how to install BerryLan on an already existing pi setup. This entire site appears to be predicated on me starting with a fresh pi image, but I have spent weeks setting up my pi and don’t want to start over from scratch. I simply want to add this feature to my setup.

Can anyone point me to a clear set of instructions that even a noob can follow? I was just hoping it was a simple matter of running a few commands in the console. I really don’t want to have to flash a new image to my SD card.

Edit: the FAQ simply says: HOW CAN I USE BERRYLAN ON MY ALREADY EXISTING RASPBERRY PI INSTALLATION? but it doesn’t specifically say how to install BerryLan itself. It only says how to add the nymea repository. Am I missing something? Is that really all there is to it?


Berrylan is the app for the mobile phone. On the raspberry pi you’ll need to install nymea-networkmanager as described in the FAQ you linked.

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That’s what I was thinking. Makes sense, thanks!