No Plugins install

Ich have used nymea on my proxmox within an ubuntu 22.04 image.
After the last update, ist was not working anymore.

So i install a new nymea:core on a new virtual maschine.
it try to install:
“sudo apt-get install nymea nymea-plugins”
but i get the message: “Unable to lcate package nymea-plugins”

and so i can’t install any plugin in the app

manuell install in the console is possible

The nymea-plugins meta package has been dropped as the plugins collection grew too big. You may pick the plugins you want specifically one by one instead.

Ok, but is it possible to install it via app?
At the moment it is only with console possible

That mean, i have to get to the app.
Look for the name of the plugin and than install it on console

Under ‘System settings’ you can select ‘Plugins’ and at the very top, is the option to install new ones.
It’s also available at ‘System settings’ - ‘System update’ and at the bottom.

I know this, but that doesn’t work

The system try to install, but at the end it is not installed

apt-get install ... still works fine or is that giving an error too?

apt-get install is working without error

online the plugin sunposition make a problem
if i install this plugin - the app isn’t conecting anymore

Hmm… odd. then I’d need you to post the debug log. Go to system settings → developer tools. Enable the debug interface there and open it with the web browser. Go to the logs tab and enable debug logs for the PlatformUpdate category. After that, try again to install a plugin with the app and then send the log output.

Here is the Log-Output:

I | PlatformUpdate: Starting to update (“nymea-plugin-mtec”)
I | PlatformUpdate: Started update transaction PackageKit::Transaction(0x55660f0d0380) ( 1 running)
I | PlatformUpdate: Adding package to be installed: “nymea-plugin-mtec;1.7.0+202303071723~jammy1;amd64;nymea-jammy-main”
I | PlatformUpdate: Started update transaction PackageKit::Transaction(0x7fb5a80f3920) ( 2 running)
I | PlatformUpdate: Update Transaction PackageKit::Transaction(0x55660f0d0380) finished ( 1 running)
I | PlatformUpdate: List of packages to be upgraded:
I | PlatformUpdate: Started update transaction PackageKit::Transaction(0x55660f3b76c0) ( 2 running)
I | PlatformUpdate: Update Transaction PackageKit::Transaction(0x7fb5a80f3920) finished ( 1 running)
I | PlatformUpdate: Upgrade error: PackageKit::Transaction::ErrorNoNetwork “Cannot download packages whilst offline”
I | PlatformUpdate: Upgrade finished
I | PlatformUpdate: Update Transaction PackageKit::Transaction(0x55660f3b76c0) finished ( 0 running)

The Plattform say no network - that ist not right.
On the Debug-Webside the Network is working (Ping, DNS)

Hmm, that’s packagekitd which thinks it’s offline… There are a number of similar issues to be found on the web, for example:

does nmcli c show a connection?


This info help to set the network connected:


Ubuntu installs a config file that sets most devices unmanaged:


[keyfile] unmanaged-devices=*,except:type:wifi,except:type:gsm,except:type:cdma

To disable this, You can create a blank file with the same name in /etc:

sudo touch /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-globally-managed-devices.conf
sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager


If my future me is having the same issue:
On my side following helped me: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) — Cockpit Project

Content of new created file/etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-globally-managed-devices.conf


And nmcli con add type dummy con-name fake ifname fake0 ip4 gw4 → Reboot.

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