No packages shown

On the “Install or remove packages” (behind the software update section), no packages are shown:

How can I display the available packages?
(Running Nymea:core+app on Raspberry Pi 3)

Hi @loosrob,
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Can you please check if you have nymea-update-plugin-packagekit installed?

If not you can install it with sudo apt-get install nymea-update-plugin-packagekit.

Did you install our Raspberry Pi image or install nymea manually on an existing raspi installation?

Hi @mzanetti,

Thanks for the quick reply.
I was able to add plugins this way before, but I installed nymea-update-plugin-packagekit just to be sure. I got:

**nymea@nymea**:**~ $** sudo apt-get install nymea-update-plugin-packagekit
Reading package lists... Done
Segmentation faulty tree... 50%

After that, I got the following:

**nymea@nymea**:**~ $** apt list -- installed
Segmentation fault

**nymea@nymea**:**~ $** sudo apt-get check
Reading package lists... Done
Segmentation faulty tree... 50%

What could cause this?

I installed your RPI image.


Can you check if your SD card is full or maybe even damaged (try running fsck or so)? Really not sure why apt would crash…

I checked and couldn’t find any issues with the card, nor was it full (about 30% used), but I did a reinstall from scratch (with your image) after I found your topic about backing up the settings, and everything works fine now. I can see the available packages again, and don’t seem to have lost any settings. Thanks!

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