New RPi image available for testing

Hey folks!

There’s been a lot of good feedback on the Hackster article with the RPi Touchscreen setup (

As this project had been received that well, I decided to put some more efforts into it and I’m happy to announce a first test release for it.

Here’s the brand new Raspberry Pi image for nymea. But it doesn’t only support nymea as the previous RPi images, but it comes with nymea:app in kiosk mode, preinstalled and ready to go out of the box.

Nymea:app also received a bunch of updates for this to happen. Check out the new “Network setup” and “System update” sections in Box settings. Thanks to those, ideally you would not need to touch the command line on your Raspberry Pi any more at all. Everything can be done from the UI.

Note, this image contains tech preview stuff atm. That, is, it follows our “landing-silo” aka “testing” track. When all the requirements have made it into the stable release I plan to release this image as the new official nymea image. So take the chance to try it out and give me feedback!

There is one known issue so far: At the very first boot the app seems to be struggling to connect to the nymea:core. I’ll look into that before the final release. If you happen to run into that, reboot it once more and it should work.

Enough yadda yadda, get me the image, right? Heh, here it is:

It should work on all Raspberry Pi models 2 and 3. That is, also the Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Have fun and don’t forget to provide feedback how it went!

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It is awesome!

nymea:app didn’t connect to nymea:core (tried 3 reboots just to be sure).

Thus I set the system up with a nymea:app on my iPhone (user + password).
After the setup and a reboot I could log in the local nymea:app instance with the same credentials, since then it is properly tied together.

This works fluent, I’m impressed. :slight_smile:

Hmm… strange it wouldn’t connect at all… Yeah, I’ll definitely have to look into the bootup sequence. I did see it fail too occationally. I wonder if it’s reproducible for you… If so I’d appreciate some logs of your setup, given that mine always seems to only fail on the very first attemt - if at all.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

New prerelease image uploaded at:

It should have all the things fixed Simon reported here (and some more).

Worked like a charm for me! :slight_smile:

The only thing: In the setup process, the password cannot turned into visible.
This would be very helpful.

Thanks for the feedback. Will add that.

Hi all, and Hi Michael. I just flashed the last version of the image. Works as a charm. Great work, I’m very happy for it.

I was wondering, If I can connect devices built by me, that are using wifi or bluetooth?

Hello Kerekes,

Yes, it sure should be possible to create plugins for self built hardware.

This is probably where you want to start:
Also, for Bluetooth related hardware, this is hopefully a nice tutorial:

Have a look at all the other open source plugins too, which are located at: