Multi-Host Facilities


Is there any functionality to connect Things from different instances of nymea - i.e. master-slave or master-edge? Or any plans in this direction?


Currently there isn’t. This topic keeps coming up tho, so I suppose eventually it might happen. Can’t give any time estimate though.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have seen quite a few requests for developments on the forum and responses have been clear. Also, note there is a voting form for new integration - so is there an actual roadmap for nymea that you can share?

More importantly, is there a vision for where the product is heading?

I think this will be useful because it is so easy to jump on and off different domotic solutions whilst looking for something that actually fits a specific need. Yet, I believe that communities like this will stay with a product if they know when things might happen.

It is a bit like making a snowman, the other kids only want to join in when the snowball you have been rolling to construct a base - is actually bigger than theirs :wink:

Hmm… though one… So, we do have sort of a roadmap, but currently that doesn’t seem to work that well: roadmap · documentation. As you can see it’s outdated (/me writes a todo to update it). However, we keep on listening to the community and try to prioritize our time (of which a lot of actually is our spare time) according to what’s wanted the most and also what we need to scratch our own itches in our own nymea setups.

That said, one way to influence priorities and upcoming features, is to contribute. There are various ways to do so. The obvious one is to get hands dirty and start working on it. We do understand that it is hard to dive straight into coding, however, a lot of work for adding new stuff is not just coding. It’s figuring out how things work. For example, if you want a voice assistant for nymea, the best way to achieve that is exactly what you did: Figuring out a viable solution, coming up with a proof of concept and getting us excited about it. In fact, I’m already thinking how to ease up the setup procedure for rhasspy with nymea - have been playing a bit with it today. While this obviously isn’t a guarantee for us to work on something, it sure boosts our motivation, knowing we don’t have to fight the problem all by ourselves. The more you guys help, the faster something will get done.

Another possibility, which is mostly useful for new plugins, is to donate hardware. We love gadgets and we buy a sh**load of those, however, we just can’t buy each and every device out there on our own expense just to implement a plugin that we’re giving away for free. If there’s that thing out there you want to see support for, drop us a line somewhere and ask if someone of us would be willing to work on it, provided the hardware.

And then, obviously, if there’s a business need to solve something with nymea, there’s always the possibility to get in touch and put something on our highest priority daytime schedule by hiring us.