Modifying TP Link HS200 for 12V, or other low voltage! Done!

Guys, many have asked, and i needed these, so i did some probing with my multimeter this weekend and figured it out. Just add a 7805 and a capacitor and these work great at 7-35 volts! A LOT of people online have asked for exactly this, so im sure this will be a hit.

I put a video up on how to do it, sorry for the poor audio…

For me its RV use. I want to be able to have smart switches for the lights in my RV, and most run on 12V. I want a product that is compatible with NYMEA, and i want to have the wall switch as well as remote capability.

Now, is there any way we can get support for the Kasa Smart HS300 Plug Power Strip? I have a lot of switches in the RV, but in one area there is 6 switches…it would be silly and take up a lot of space to put 6 decora sized kasa switchs, so the power strip hidden behind a panel would work best.


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Wow, cool stuff, again :blush: thanks for sharing!

For the power strip, I can add that for you, no problem. There’s just one thing: those aren’t available in Europe where I’m based so I don’t have access to them and need your help with some information about the device and then test the prerelease so I know it’s working before merging the code. For that, please go to the debug interface in system settings -> developer tools and enable the tplink logging from there. Then do a discovery for any of the kasa devices. If I’m not mistaken that should print information about the power strip along with a message that it found an unsupported device. Send me that please.

I ordered one, give me a few days to get it and convert it to low voltage and ill do the steps. Lets hope the board is similar to the ones in the HS200, so i wont have to spend a day figuring it out!

Thanks so much.

If you do some searching youll see the RV crowd really, really is looking for stuff like this. Low voltage wifi smart switches to install in their RV’s. There are a few RV’s that have touchscreen systems, but all are wired, and proprietary. In the US A LOT of people own RV’s that cost $150,000 to $400,000, and want to add this kind of a high-end feature.

On mine, the touch screen control for lights was an option (They call it multiplex), but i didnt want it, due to the proprietary nature.


Re-uploaded the video in HD, so you can makeout the words in the diagrams of how to do it:

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