Maveo box bricked?

Hi, I have a Maveo Box and the only thing the LED does is either flash (about 2Hz) of be completely on. I cannot access it anymore, neither works a reset. I does not connect to my Wifi anymore. Can I reload the firmware (via USB) or …?


Hi @Keeze101

I’m very sorry for this… There has been a bad version of nymea which would make it fail in some rare circumstances. This is already fixed and a new update has already been rolled out. If you just connect it so that it can access the WiFi and let it be it will fix itself (the auto-update schedule is during night between 2 and 3 am after 3 days at latest).

I will see if I can find a way for you to fix it manually without having to wait and report back in a bit.

Again, I am very, very sorry for this and we’re aware that this must not happen. We’ve been tuning our QA process since this incident.

Wow, rapid reply :+1:
Problem is that the box no longer is accessable (bluetooth or WIFI) and it does also nog connect to WIFI anymore, so, I have to try to install firmware differently.

Ok then this seems to be a different issue… Did you try to factory reset it by pressing the reset button (the one in the hole) for some 10 seconds? (I see you said a reset won’t work either, just making sure you pressed the button long enough)

Tried it. Weird thing is that I get a device named Bluez 5.46 (ancient Linux Bluetooth Stack?) in the nymea app which looks like it is the Maveo Box. (MAC: A0:2C:36:XX:XX:XX) but I can’t connect.

That’s really strange… Bluetooth would only be visible when the WiFi setup service is running but that should also set a proper name. While in theory nymea:app should work too, perhaps try the WiFi setup once more with the maveo app.

I haven’t seen this issue yet and I’m afraid you’ll have to contact the maveo support. Even though maveo runs the nymea stack, it is a separate product and sadly I can’t provide proper support for it in here when it comes to flashing.

Well, Maveo support it is, because I already tried the Maveo app.