Maveo box bricked?

Hi, I have a Maveo Box and the only thing the LED does is either flash (about 2Hz) of be completely on. I cannot access it anymore, neither works a reset. I does not connect to my Wifi anymore. Can I reload the firmware (via USB) or …?


Hi @Keeze101

I’m very sorry for this… There has been a bad version of nymea which would make it fail in some rare circumstances. This is already fixed and a new update has already been rolled out. If you just connect it so that it can access the WiFi and let it be it will fix itself (the auto-update schedule is during night between 2 and 3 am after 3 days at latest).

I will see if I can find a way for you to fix it manually without having to wait and report back in a bit.

Again, I am very, very sorry for this and we’re aware that this must not happen. We’ve been tuning our QA process since this incident.

Wow, rapid reply :+1:
Problem is that the box no longer is accessable (bluetooth or WIFI) and it does also nog connect to WIFI anymore, so, I have to try to install firmware differently.

Ok then this seems to be a different issue… Did you try to factory reset it by pressing the reset button (the one in the hole) for some 10 seconds? (I see you said a reset won’t work either, just making sure you pressed the button long enough)

Tried it. Weird thing is that I get a device named Bluez 5.46 (ancient Linux Bluetooth Stack?) in the nymea app which looks like it is the Maveo Box. (MAC: A0:2C:36:XX:XX:XX) but I can’t connect.

That’s really strange… Bluetooth would only be visible when the WiFi setup service is running but that should also set a proper name. While in theory nymea:app should work too, perhaps try the WiFi setup once more with the maveo app.

I haven’t seen this issue yet and I’m afraid you’ll have to contact the maveo support. Even though maveo runs the nymea stack, it is a separate product and sadly I can’t provide proper support for it in here when it comes to flashing.

Well, Maveo support it is, because I already tried the Maveo app.

Hi, i had the same problem and solved it by installing BerryLan application and resetting the box with it.

Tnx for your suggestion, tried it, no luck. I am waiting for Marantec support to call me back atm.I think the box is seriously bricked. The Maveo box contains a obsolete core btw… (Chip Pro).

Hi @Keeze101 since that core is obsolete there is a new hardware generation in the pipeline.

Just to be clear… Marantec Netherlands called me just before the holidays and I did not called them back that moment. So no blame for the delay on the side of Marantec.

I am curious which core they are using now :wink:


Hi, My case that I can operate garagedoor via App but can not detect NFC and h+t any more during LED blinking by 2Hz continuously, after installing Maveo for 2 weeks.
Tried power on/off cycle, reboot on App, or hardware reset for 10 sec+ on Maveo Box but did not work.
Looked firmware update fail?
According to Marantec Support, they have no solution to update Maveo Box firmware once disconnect from network. And mentioned to request supplier to exchange product.
Actually I purchased same Maveo twice but both are similar symptom. So I have 2 Maveo Box bricks now.
Generally Maveo system is slow operation and unstable… I will try to request refund from now.

For the time being I migrated to an homebrew ESP8266 based solution (<€15), which works flawless for months now (I use Home Assistant). For a month now I try to contact Marantec (Netherlands) support, but no luck so far…

I have the exact same problem, did anyone figure it out somehow - it is pretty frustrating! I thought the same thing about updating by USB (if it’s possible)?