Magic to reboot the raspberry pi


I know I could use a cron, but Is there a way to setup a time triggered reboot of the rpi with the “Magic” section of Nymea? Is there a special plugin to allow that kind of use?

Thanks and have a nice week! Laurent

You could use the command launcher plugin to execute a reboot command.

Good idea. I’ll try that. Is a reboot -now command graceful enough for nymea, or should I take care of something?

Thats fine. nymea will get a SIGSTOP from the os with that and do a a graceful shutdown

Edit: SIGTERM, but that’s fine too


Well… I tried but can’t get it to work easily… I tried to create an Application launcher thing, with command reboot -now, and it doesn’t work. Missing sudo? Or do I have to create a script?

Thanks! Laurent

I guess the path might not be set in the plugin environment…

Try /bin/shutdown -r now or something, with the full path. Try typing the command in the terminal (ssh). Once you got something that works, take that over to the plugin.

Thanks! Retex : it works with that path : /sbin/shutdown -r now

Have a nice day!

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