Logs Database History Storage

Hi , I have extended the history log files from 200000 to 800000
(logDBMaxEntries=200 000)
Now my question is, if its possible to store these log files on to an external SD card because I want to keep the data for six months.

Thanks !

Yes, you can specify the file name in the settings file as described here:


Thank you for your reply.
Can you tell me please how to calculate the log history time (200000)
eg what is the correct number for 6months

Hmm. So the number is the amount of entries. How much time that will be depends on how many devices you have, how much data they’re logging etc.

If I remember correctly, 200000 entries would create a log db with a maximum size of approximately 30MB.

So if you have a lot of storage, you can increase that number by a lot.
You may even set it to -1, which should disable removing old entries completely. Obviously you’d have to make sure you won’t hit the storage limit yourself.

Ok understood , I will test it…

You all have done an excellent job on creating this application. I’m using it in the factory for almost one year now for monitoring the fridges temperature. It is so stable , reliable with very useful and modern graphics.
Congratulations !