Launch shell command from Magic

Im looking to run a shell command from magic, wondering how to do it in there.

I installed the command launcher plugin.

Actually i want to run espeak…


Hi John,

You’re on the right path. The commandlauncher plug-in readme has an espeak example:

Got that, and have setup espeak on a thing, and i can execute it under “My events” and it runs and works.

I must have somthing wrong in the magic, i have this setup:

ThingAction {
id: left_utv_trailer_tire_low
thingId: “738a7969-e414-4e52-a97c-b287bad15569” // Speak Tire Low // The id of the notification thing
actionName: “trigger”

and im trying to trigger it in an if statement using: left_utv_trailer_tire_low.execute


FYI, i got this working using automatic magic rules, but would rather have it in code…humm, does automatic magic rules just create magic scripts somewhere i can look at and steal code from?


it should with the example code above by calling


The {} is important currently… I suppose nymea could be tweaked to not require it when no parameters are required…