Knx plugin not available on repository

Why is the nymea / nymea-plugin-knx not available for installation? If that makes any difference I’m running that on arm64 with debian 10 (buster)

I run “apt-cache search nymea-plugin” after “apt-get update”, but it’s not listed.

PS: I tried to create a post with link, code and search result, but the forum is denying that for new users.
PPS: Opened an issue on gitub

Hey @Florian

Ive replied to the github issue on why it’s not available. I’ll give it a go to package things up for Buster but im mostly afk for the next days so it might be a couple of days until I get to it.

that would be awesome, many thx in advance…

The plugin package should be uploaded now. Make sure to read the README on the plugins github repo for setup, it’s a bit funky to set up as KNX doesn’t really allow detecting types of devices and requires a knxproj file to read the addresses of the devices from.