Is there a Lux Sensor

Hi All

Fairly noob, I like Nymea. I have been playing with openHab but I like the scripting engine in Nymea as it is more flexible.

I have built a couple of ESP32 based devices like a smarter plug which has temperature and lux monitoring for turning on and off.

I have written a json interface into these devices and have figured out how to get a timer and xmlhttprequest to get the info from the devices.

however the thing that is stumping me is there does not seem to be a Generic Lux sensor in Nymea which seems a I would like to monitor

Am I missing something? or do I need to look at creating a plug in for it

Cheers all

Hi @sidney, welcome to nymea.

Thanks for pointing this out. There is now (that is, with the next release):

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