IP addresses Watchdog

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How can I get notifications when a connection lost from a generic temperature sensor or from any other wireless device ? Is any way to ping IP addresses and get notifications ?

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Most of the plugins have a state connected or available.

With the notification plugin and this state you can set up a rule/script.

However generic plugins don‘t have this state. For any generic IP device you can use the network detector plugin to track availability of LAN participants and notify yourself.

Another option would be a programmed watchdog in your script that notifies you when no data is sent anymore after a certain time.

Hi Simon ,
Network detector plugin is very useful and it works on raspberry pi but does not work on Ubuntu pc because System Update is missing and I can not install the plugin .This is what I did:

linux@linux-intel:~$ whereis nymea
nymea: /snap/bin/nymea.nymea-cli
linux@linux-intel:~$ cd /snap/bin/
linux@linux-intel:/snap/bin$ sudo apt-get install nymea-update-plugin-packagekit
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package nymea-update-plugin-packagekit

Hmm… Right. The snap package cannot Install additional plugins.

You’d have to replace nymead with the apt-get version.

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Can I have please an example of a script that notifies when no data is sent after a certain time?
Sometimes the IP address of tasmota ESP8266 is ok but MQTT communication is lost and I have to restart the ESP

Hmm… I’d probably go with something like:

ThingEvent {
    id: tasmotaMQTT
    thingId: "<MQTT client thing id>"
    stateName: "triggered"
    onTriggered: {
        // Restart the watchdog on activity...

Timer {
    id: watchdog
    interval: 30000 // 30 secs
    onTriggered: {
        console.log("MQTT timeout detected!")


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