IP Address Clickable

Great App I must say. I can easily connect to my PI now headlessly. Huge Thanks.

My Raspberry pi is running a webserver, your app displays the IP address of the pi and I can connect to it manually (by copying the IP and pasting into my browser). is there anyway to make IP Address clickable for port 80 or something?

Also, is there anyway I can customize the Bluetooth Discovery name for my raspberry pi?


Hi highwingers,

you can change the advertise name in the /etc/nymea/nymea-networkmanager.conf file. Just change the line AdvertiseName=BT WLAN setup to whatever you like and restart the service:

systemctl restart nymea-networkmanager

Regarding the IP address: we have not made the IP as a link because not every system has a web server running on it. Major use case is to get the IP for ssh login.


Well, I guess we could put it to the clipboard on clicked…

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Ok, I’ve pushed an update that copies the IP address to the clipboard when pressed. It’ online for Android, still in review for iOS.

wow, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much.

if you need any contribution to your open source projects regarding .NET please let me know, it would my pleasure.

Also, on your github, which file handles the writing of wifi information to pi via bluetooth? That would be awesome for me to learn more about it.

Thanks again.

I guess you could start here: https://github.com/nymea/berrylan/blob/master/wifisetup/wirelesssetupmanager.cpp#L249

It’s basically just writing a minimalistic JSON with config data to a Bluetooth LE characteristic.