iOS Berrylan 1.0.42 no longer finds broadcasting pi

iPhone X, updated from 1.0.37 to 1.0.42 today
Since that update took place berrylan no longer finds broadcasting devices.

PC see’s the BT WLAN Setup broadcasting

Pi Zero W with Raspberry Pi OS - Buster
installed onto existing Raspbian image using instructions from FAQ.

Everything was working fine until the app updated
I don’t have an android device to test with.

Hey, I just tested and indeed found a small issue… sorry for that. Update will come in shortly.

What happened: According to the Nymea 0.27 release notes there was a change in nymea-networkmanager which will now allow to broadcast the service UUID on BT and that allows filtering BerryLan for devices that have nymea-networkmanager running… For the legacy upgrade path I allowed BerryLan to also find the old one, named “BT WLAN Setup”… And here’s the issue… Apparently the old config was “BT WLAN setup” with a lowercase s… :see_no_evil:

So… options are:

  • wait for the update (should hopefully come in today)
  • upgrade nymea-networkmanager on your Pi (as it will find it by UUID)
  • Temporarily change the name on your Pi to be “BT WLAN Setup” with an uppercase s.

Fix is released for Android. Pending Apple review for iOS.

Apple has it posted now, and all appears to be working again.
Thanks very much for the quick fix!