Integer plugin parameter is increased/decreased by 10

I defined an integer stateType parameter for my plugin. This gives me two buttons with +/- signs on the configuration page of the Thing. If I click them, the paramter is increased/decreased by 10 rather than 1. Is this a bug or intended behavior?

Edit: Seems to only be the case for stateType parameters.

May I suggest to include an option in the JSON file to define the increment steps for a given property?

Hmm… So right now this is influenced by the min/max. If the span is more than 100 then it will start to do bigger steps. And I guess you’re right, it might even be misaligned between states and params. I need to look at this.

In general we try to avoid the plugin telling the ui how to paint things because only the ui knows about the use case of a particular client application, about the available screen space, its available input components (touch might be different than mouse) and so on.

However, that said, you might have hit a case where the ui needs more info and a stepSize property could make sense. May I ask about some more details on your statetype? Its min/max and what is it intended to do?

Actually it’s not so critical for my case. I’m using that to change the number (0 … ?) and brightness (0 … 255) of LEDs. I was just wondering if this was meant to be like that or if I was doing something wrong. Either way, I guess it should just be documented somewhere.