Installing build-deps fails

installing the build dependencies for nymea-plugins used to work as described in the developer documentation by running sudo apt-get build-dep nymea-plugins.
This however seems to have stopped working:

> sudo apt-get build-dep nymea-plugins

Reading package lists... Done
E: Unable to find a source package for nymea-plugins

The deb-src repository was added correctly:
deb-src focal main

It seems that the source packages are not available anymore on the debian repository:

Is this an intended change of the debian repo? If yes, what would be the best way to install build dependencies?

Thank you for your help!


Whoops. We’ve moved our server infrastructure recently and the src-pkgs indeed seem to have gotten lost in the transition. Thanks for pointing it out. Should be working again now.

Great! Thanks for the quick fix! :slight_smile:

I just noticed that source packages are still missing for buster and bullseye (and probably the other distros):

Indeed. I just copied them over for focal. Once we release 1.1, all distros should be ok again as the ci will publish them including source packages

… meanwhile this ugly thing should work as a substitution for apt-get build-dep nymea-plugins:

curl  \
| sed -n '/Build-depends/,/Standards/p' | head -n -1 | sed 's/Build-depends: //g' | tr ',\n' ' ' \
| sed 's/(.*)//g' | tr -s ' ' | sed "s/ /:amd64 /g"  \
| sed 's/native:[a-z0-9]* /native /g' | sed 's/any:[a-z0-9]* /any /g'  \
| xargs sudo apt-get -y install