IKEA Tradfri plugs & bulbs

bought some IKEA plugs and lightbulbs.
Started with a plug, adding a new thing … doesnt find it. Do I miss something?
the LED indicator on the plug is white
What needs to be done to add plugs / light bulbs to the app?

So, the IKEA devices are ZigBee based. The raspberry Pi doesn’t have Zigbee hardware builtin. Did you also add a Zigbee USB stick?

nope … i was assuming it’ll be as easy as adding the two myStrom plugs :wink:

And what about the bulbs? Do they need another device, too?

All of the IKEA smart home devices are based on ZigBee. Once there’s a zigbee dongle on the RPi, it is similarly easy to add them to nymea, but obviously it needs the antenna.

The cheapest option would be a CC2531 which should work fine for about 10 - 20 devices, however, if you plan on extending your ZigBee network to more devices than that in the future, you probably want its bigger brother, the CC2651, for example the Sonoff ZigBee 3.0 stick or the slae.sh stick or a Conbee II

If you buy a CC2XXX stick, make sure it’s pre-flashed with the zigbee2mqtt or z-Stack firmware (all of my above links should work fine, but you can also buy this stick without firmware or with OpenThread firmware which I would not recommend as you’d need to manually flash it, which can be tricky if you are not familiar with this sort of stuff).

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… okay, there are four plugs and 6 bulbs … and as my Pi is a zero without USB, I think it’s time to replace it with a bigger Pi. Just ordered it and the Sonoff stick.