If using offline mode, doesn't advertise if usb0 interface is up


I have two interfaces one with a static ip that lets me hook pi to laptop using interface usb0
Second is wlan0.

Berrylan always worked well until I added this usb0 interface (which has no default gateway, so can’t access net). Now Berrylan won’t advertise in offline mode, but it will in startup mode.

I assume this has something to do with it seeing an interface (usb0) with a static ip?

Can I make it only look at wlan0 to determine if it should advertise?



Hi @rnehrboss,

the offline mode enables the advertising if the network-manager connectivity state is not in the connected global state (or connectivity full). You can verify that on your pi using nmcli g.

It should not have anything to do with the ip assignment of your usb0 network.

As an alternative, you can also advertising by adding a GPIO button, so you can change the wifi whenever you want, without constantly advertising.

Or you use your usb0 network for starting the bluetooth server.

qdbus --system io.nymea.networkmanager /io/nymea/networkmanager enableBluetoothServer

Thanks so much Simon. Here is my config. For example it is not advertising now, but it should since wlan0 is not connected:

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