Icon change for 'buttons' and toggling access

So after some searching I haven’t quite found the answer(s) I am looking for, also I am a bit new to the Nymea scene so pardon my lack of knowledge If this has been covered in a wiki or forum somewhere already. Trying to figure out how to access on the back end now.

Project Intent:
So the primary reason I am trying out nymea is I want to create a “sub” dash for my Tacoma so I can control my garage doors, some relays threw the Pi’s GPIOs for lights and things on my truck, and all sorts of other fun things I have in mind or haven’t thought of yet. Also eventually for home use which should be much more straight forward.

My questions:

1. How should I, If I can, go about changing the Icon for the buttons? I.e. I want to have an Icon for roof rack light, wench, back lighting, compressor, and eventually a garage door opener (I believe there’s already an application for this called ‘Maveo’?). Oh, can the menu button/icon sizes be adjusted easily-ish for more customization?

  1. Is it possible, or how easy is it, to eliminate the need to go through the “UNCATERGORIZED” group on main menu AND the “GPIO #” so I can directly have a switch/button right from the main screen/hud? That way I can just tap the Icon/button and have it toggle immediately if desired.
    So instead of [Main HUD → UNCATEGORIZED → GPIO# → Button/switch] it just {Main HUD → Button}.
    I want this look for quick toggling if desired:

Running a Pi 4 with the nymea:kiosk image with a 178mm screen. Nymea up and running, app connect with phone and pc, cloud setup, and that’s about it so far. Also confirmed GPIO outputs are functioning with my Analog Discovery 2 and have a test relay setup inbound using MOSFETS and optocouplers.

Please let me know your thoughts and what kind of possibilities or alternatives I might be able to work with, all sorts of suggestions are welcome.


ok, quite a lot of questions in one go :slight_smile: Let me try answer some of that, but I’ll change the order:

  1. I think what you want here is to go to menu → configure things → + and add a new “Generic light”. Then open the Settings for this generic light and in the “I/O Connections” sections, assign that to a particular GPIO on the pi. That will cause the generic light to be synced with the GPIO and appear in the lights section.

  2. now I’m not 100% sure if I understand correctly what you’re asking for. But could this probably be the same as with 2) ? You can also create a generic garage door and assign a gpio for opening and one for closing the garage door. Once you have your generic things doing whatever you like, you can use the main menu → configure main views and enable the dashboard. In there you can arrange the individual things as you like, or create subfolders.

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Sorry about that, figure I lay it all out and see who can help with what.

So, your #2 sort of what I was looking for, but it traps all additional lights behind the same ‘Group.’
Though under ‘Favorites’ I can see all the individual buttons and toggle them doing it this way, which I guess works out as a temporary and possible permanent fix.

Here is what I am looking to do for the most part (pardon the poor paint skills):

As for the garage door, that was more brief mention I might have overemphasized a little to much.

I am more concerned with changing the icon images for the specific buttons. How do I go about adding new Icons, or uploading some kind of plugin for inserting additional ‘Light’ options with different icons or something of the sort? I see when playing with the ‘Magic’ settings I can select scene icons, I don’t really see any of it pop up or the point of the selection at the moment, but the selection of “icons” and colors is there so maybe I(and community) can reuse that to customize our displays further?

maybe adding a Dashboard view is (not completely) but more the direction what you want:
Menu - Configure main view - Dashboard.
The level of customization you desire might not be enough (custom icon set) but probably its the right direction.

Hmm, ill take a look and play around with it. Would you happen to be able to suggest a forum section that could help me dig into building an additional API or some kind of add-on so I can try my hand at that?

Hmm. So this would require some changes in nymea app. The code repository is at GitHub - nymea/nymea-app: A nymea frontend app. I suppose the easiest for a start would be opening copying the DashboardView.qml file and change that to your liking.

That said, supplying custom images keeps on coming up occasionally as a feature request. I suppose we could think of a way how to provide a feature to allow setting custom images to tiles in the existing dashboard too.