Hue Plugin Groups

Is there any way on here to group bulbs together, I have 9 hue bulbs in my room and they are grouped together in my hue app & apple homekit etc. However, through this they are all individual lights.
I’m I missing something or is that function not available through Nymea?

Thanks in advance


Hey, yes, you’e re right… it’s missing… However “only” in the app, the nymea box can do this actually… We kept on pushing this out for other features which seemed more important but you certainly do have a point. Will see if we can increase priority on this.

When you say Nymea box, do you mean the RPi? If so, how do I group them on the RPi, I’ve just installed it and I really am loving the design! But switching 9 lights on/off individually can be a bit tedious, but I just need to group them into 3 groups :slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast response!

Edit: What I mean by installed it, is I’ve bought a Pi and the touchscreen etc, Downloaded the img and mounted it on the Pi.

Yes, sorry, we tend to use “box” for the thing nymea runs on, in your case the RPi. I should train myself to use the correct term, which is nymea:core.

I totally agree that it’s about time to implement grouping. For now you could do this to work around it:

Go to Magic and create a rule which executes on/off on all the lamps to you want. Then, at the top, there is a gear right next to where you enter the “magic” name. Expand that and check “This rule is executable”. Then you’ll see a button appearing in the Scenes screen which you can press to activate. You could create a bunch of “Room x on” and “Room x off” scenes with that.

Just to clarify, so I would need one scene to group x amount of lights together, which when executed would turn on x lights.
Then would need another scene to turn off x lights?

Yes… I know, not awesome, but until proper grouping is implemented, probably the best advise I can give you…

No problem at all mzanetti, I hope I didn’t come across badly as I really am loving Nymea:core, Current grouping isn’t the perfect solution at the moment, but I’m sure the Nymea team will implement this further down the line and I couldn’t be more great-full.
Nymea:core has been a great solution to my current home automation set up!

Thank you for your speedy replies and your help on sorting this out!


Oh, you totally didn’t come across badly. We value feedback a lot as it helps us to figure out priorities.

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Actually, only now I understand the confusion about the naming.

So, nymea consists of 3 parts: nymea:core, nymea:app and nymea:cloud.

If you’ve installed the raspberry pi image and use a touch screen you have 2 of them already, :app and :core. What you see on the touch screen is the app, but the actual work behind the scenes is done by the core.

You can also install nymea:app on your phone and/or pc and remotely control everything from there.

I’m with you now! Well I’ve got all 3 then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I downloaded the app so it was easier to set up my hue, I could easily get to the hub with my phone to set it up rather than setting up the RPi near the router! ( I know you’ve got 30 seconds to press the button, but it takes me more than 30 seconds to get from the RPi to the Hue Hub)!

The amount of work put into Nymea is so impressive and I’m happy I’ve discovered this after so long of searching.

I took a stab on this one. It’s not perfect yet, but should cater for your use case quite well.

I’ll give it some more testing and will get it released with the next app release.

You really are awesome!
Take your time with it as I’m honestly in no rush! I also don’t want to be too picky but it would be great if on grouped lights, you had the ability to not only be able to turn them on/off through one button interface, but if you could also change the colour of the grouped lights through it too, as an alternative to having multiple scenes for different colours.

Would be happy to help with any testing if needed, I’m not too clued up with everything, but if I can be of any assistance then I’m more than happy to test and send over logs if it helps you. :smile:

Thanks for the update push mzanetti, when I attempt to add a device to groups, this happens :weary:
Model is RPI 3b+ it that helps?

When I click a letter on the keyboard, it basically clicks off the page and stops me from creating a group :weary:

Ah, danm… The OSK on the raspberry pi doesn’t deal well with pop-ups… I forgot about that… I think the “rename thing” popup has the same issue…

Will need to figure out how to solve that. On other platforms it should work fine (or with a USB keyboard on the rpi) for now.

Thanks for letting me know.

Found a workaround for this.

For the record:

Sorry for the noob question, but how would I go about using that code?

Should be in the next update. The link is just for explaining why this bug happened and how I worked around it, if anyone else using qt runs into the same.