How to show different states on dashboard

Hi, I am new to nymea and trying to understand how everything works.

I added a few things which worked quite well.
Now I am trying to show different states of my things on the dashboard but I am not sure how to do it.
For example I have a thing which has 10+ states like on/off, temperature, number values, etc which can be seen when I open the details of this thing. But how can I display a value, i.e. a temperature, individually on the dashboard without the need to open the whole things to find the state between all other states ?

Thank you for your help

Hmm, that’s currently not implemented… Would be a nice addition indeed…

Agree with Michael, but until that happens,
I use Grafana to grab the data from the influx database that nymea uses to create the graphs I desire. Takes some programming work but accomplishes what I want.
The real trick I found in creating these graphs is translating the UUIDs nymea uses to names that I understand.

PS thank you @mzanetti for the suggestion to use grafana for this.

I find the diagrams in the dashboard already very useful and it would be great to have more data available on first sight.
What is desirable in my opinion, is the possibility to add the data fields to the dashboard, that are available in the things view.
Ideally the data displayed in the data fields is selectable from the available thing details.

I’ve added this now for displaying generic states

These looks great for using them in the dasboard.
Will it be later also possible to have some layouts from the things view like this one?

That would maybe make the dasbord even more adaptable to the personal needs of the users.

Added some more. Now one can add the sensor specific views too (basically anything that’s shown inside the sensors category):

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