How to insert the state of another thing into a mail notification

Trying to create a rule with a mail notification as one of the actions. In the body of the mail thing I check ‘state of another thing’ (or some such, my GUI is all in German). I then click on ‘select value’, am redirected to the list of all things, select a thing. I am then presented with a list of all values given for that thing. No matter what I do, I am returned to the editor of the mail notification, and nothing is inserted into the field where I wanted to insert the state of a thing. Rather, the prompt to select a state remains there. It appears not to be possible to enter anything into that field, not even using the keyboard.

How does one insert the state of a thing into that field?

Hi, I’ve just tested this, and indeed there seems to be a bug in the app. It’s “just” a visual bug though. While you won’t see what you selected there, if you confirm with ok it will return to the previous view and you’ll see that it was working.
Thanks for the report.

Thank you for looking at this.
However, I disagree that it’s just cosmetics.
It is as you say when you create a new magic. Once you try and change an existing magic, the values for both subject and body will become empty when save the magic without changing them, and you can’t change them any more once they are constant values.
In other words, it’s rather broken.

Fair enough, editing was indeed rather broken too. Both issues are fixed in this pull request now:

Again, thanks for the report

I can confirm that the issue is now fixed, both on the Android phone and the Ubuntu Linux desktop. Thank you so much, and I’m impressed with the speed with which things get fixed here.

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