How to execute actions on GROUPS

OK… I have a small auditorium with 4 rows of lights controlled by TP-Link wifi switches (yay! TP-LInk works!). I’ve added 4 things for each of the switches, and can turn on/off ALL the lights at the same time.

What I need to do is to be able to turn on/off the outer or inner rows of lights as needed, and have created groups for the inner and outer rows, but I see no functional way to control each group.

HELP! What am I missing?

Hmm… There should be a lights control on the group tile, no? Something like this:

Pressing that light bulb icon should turn the entire group on/off.

Let me go double check… I AM old enough to have 7(!) great grandkids…

Now that’s impressive.

I believe it should work for your needs, but I am aware that the controls on groups aren’t great yet. They need to be improved on our side in any case still.

For example, such a icon toggle will be there for lights but not for plugs which isn’t good.

Yes, the lightbulb on the group does, indeed, control the lights. However, on my RPI touchscreen, if your finger slides the slightest amount (tiny amount), it opens the group rather than toggling the function.

Might it be possible to cause any touch/slide in the icon area to toggle the function rather than go to the group items?

Yeah, I’ll have to see how to improve this. There are some more issues with the group controls which I’d like to fix. Perhaps even redesigning the whole group section a bit…

I’ll try to schedule that in for the next release. Thanks for the feedback.