How to delete a „Thing“ from the „Thing“-list

How to delete a „Thing“ from the „Thing“-list
I can‘t find any possibility to delete my light from the „Thing“ - list. My originally topic was to connect the light with nymea again. After turn off the raspberry all components were disconnected when the raspberry turns on again. Is that a standard that the components will not be connected automatically again? I hope I can solve the problem with delete the light from the Thing-list and connect it again. Could anybody help here?
Many Thanks

Hi @Rob,
So, removing a thing is done in the “Configure Things” view found in the main menu. In there, select the thing you want to remove and then you’ll find a remove option in the top-right menu button. Note that in some circumstances this option may not be available if the thing has been automatically created by some other thing. In that case, removing the parent should also remove all its childs.

However, the other topic, that something doesn’t reconnect after restarting the raspberry pi sounds not ok. It should automatically connect again.

Hi Guys!

I also tried it and it seems that there is no remove possible, if the thing you want to remove is not connected. Neither long press on the thing nor at the right corner.
Looks like a bug.

For which thing is this happening?

In my case with Philips Hue bulbs. There are when not used switched off, without power and because of that not connected.

It is not possible to remove a light from the hue bridge at this point. Nymea will show all the devices that are set up on the hue bridge. In order to remove a light from the hue bridge you still need the Hue app. If removing the bridge from nymea, all the associated lights will be removed too.

I‘m working with deconz and a simulated Hue Bridge. As you can see, all of my things are automatically created, but the one that are connected are removable (it looks like - i dont want to try :slight_smile: ) The other things, that not connected are not removable. Maybe it‘s not really removable, but i think the same bevavior like Rob facing.

Hmm… that’s strange… if that Couch light is really created by the hue plugin, it really should not be removable. Mind sending a screenshot when entering that item please?

OMG - you are right. Thats a generic light, because i dont like things in disconnected state and thats why i created generic things and synchronize there states. If a thing is disconnected, the generic thing is just off!
No one from the Hue lights are removable!

Sorry for that circumstances - its really late in germany :slight_smile:

Indeed. Bedtime for me too now. See you around.

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