How can I remove BerryLan temporarly?


BerryLan seems not to work properly. I can connect to my raspberry pi zero with my iPhone or Android directly. But on BerryLan app, it do not find it. Any issue ?

How can I come back to the previous wifi configuration ?

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It will only be visible in berrylan when WiFi is not connected. You can disconnect it by removing your connection from /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ and reboot it.

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Very clear. I will try this week end and check.

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Also, you could also edit /etc/nymea/nymea-networkmanager.conf and set mode to “always” if it’s that what you want. For security reasons the default configuration only advetises on Bluetooth when the RPi is offline.

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“Bluetooth BerryLan is visible when WiFi is not connected”.
Very clear. However, if my RPi is now connected to the WiFi and I want him to erase what he knows about it, so he could be visible again and I could restart the procedure.
How can I do it ? Is there a command to write ? A file to edit ?

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Delete the files from

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